It’s Been Awhile

Many of you are probably wondering why I’m on here. I moved to a different blog almost two years ago and stopped using this blog.

Well, I missed the clean formatting of WordPress and I’ve wanted a more “professional looking” blog.

This lead me to move back to WordPress…with a new blog!

If you’re still interested in hearing about my thoughts, travels, and who knows what else, you’ll find my new blog here!

I’d really appreciate the follow! Knowing that there are people who care about what I have to say means the world to me. It inspires me like nothing else. I can only hope that I can be half so much of an inspiration and encouragement to you.

G. Paige


Knowing God

knowinggodLife’s been a mix of craziness and excitement and new things, while at the same time there are just days that I’m struggling to find joy and hope in life. Where I’m struggling to find meaning and satisfaction in life. There are so many choices to make, decisions that will affect my life forever…and I just feel at a loss. I don’t know what to do sometimes. I feel like sometimes I’m just getting nowhere.Read More »

Thoughts on this Independence Day

thoughtsonthisindependencedayOn July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed. It has been many years since then (Two hundred and forty-one years ago to be exact.) and since that time our country has changed drastically. Our country is more than thirteen colonies separating themselves from Great Britain. Now, it is fifty states united under one Democratic Republican government. It is estimated that in 1776 our nation was comprised of a little over three million people. Now, it estimated to be over three hundred million people living in the United States. The innovations and technologies have far surpassed those of two centuries ago. We’ve discovered so much about this world…and have learned that there is so much more that we don’t know. We have explored this world, going farther than before, even into the depths of space.Read More »