Book Review: Behemoth (The Leviathan Trilogy: Book 2)

Rating: 5/5 stars.

I gobbled this book up in about three days!!! It was great. I am really excited and interested to see how this trilogy ends. So much has happened since the end of Leviathan.

The First Lord of the Admiralty has “borrowed” the Osman and its companion (known only as the Behemoth) from The Ottoman Empire. To keep the peace between England and The Ottoman Empire so that The Ottoman Empire doesn’t join Germany’s (the Clankers’) side in the war, Dr. Barlow is taking fabricated eggs to the Sultan. After arriving in Istanbul, disaster strikes and all does not go according to plan. Soon, Deryn is stuck with Alek in Istanbul, fleeing from Ottoman soldiers which are led by Germans. Teaming up with allies, will Deryn and Alek be able to keep The Ottoman Empire out of this war?

This book was fabulous! There were quite a few scenes the book skipped that were mentioned as something that happened or was going to happen. It wasn’t any REALLY significant scenes and they were probably taken out for the sake of the way story was being told (or maybe because they didn’t want the book too long or maybe to keep it fast-paced), but still…it bothered me just a bit. It would’ve been fine if it had just happened once or twice, but it happened a few times too many for my liking.

Besides that, this book was thrilling awesome! I enjoyed every bit of it and am excited to read last book. It was very fast-paced and full of dangerous situations. This is such a cool, different series and I’m really intrigued to see how it ends.

I’d recommend this to anyone who has read Leviathan (of course) and those who want something loosely (very loosely, mind you) based on World War 1. This is turning out to be an amazing series.

-G. Paige