Book Review: The Darkest Minds (Darkest Minds: Book 1)

imageRating: 3/5 stars.

So…this book was, what shall I say, entertaining? I would have given this book more stars if it hadn’t been for a few (well, a bit more than a few) scenes.

America is riddled with a disease known IAAN. Only youth (thirteen and younger) get the disease and all of them are getting it. If you get the disease, you will most assuredly die unless you are one of those few. Those few who survive it have powers, or you might call it, abilities. Dangerous abilities that they can not control. Something happened to Ruby on the day of her tenth birthday. Something that changed her forever. Something that got her sent to Thurmond, one of the government’s “rehabilitation camps”. At sixteen, Ruby is suddenly considered one of the dangerous ones. Now, she must run for her life.

I really enjoyed the excitement in this book. There was so much mystery and so much in the unknown. It was very intriguing and sucked me in from the start. I mean, I read it in two days, that has to mean something! So…it had a great start, but then some things happened that I didn’t feel comfortable with. First of all, Ruby meats this guy and every single time he touches her hand or strokes her arm or pushes her hair out of her face it was mentioned and described. That got annoying. Then there was some forced love and other stuff that made the book less enjoyable.

This was a really fascinating story. The ending was such a sad cliffhanger (why, oh why, did it have to end like that). Needless to say, because of the things I mentioned above and more, I will probably not be reading the rest of the series (but then, maybe the rest the series isn’t as “bad” as this one).

This wasn’t a terribly inappropriate book, so if you won’t be affected or mind some of the stuff in it, go ahead and read it. But I think I would recommend not wasting your time with this book when there are so many other really great books out there.

-G. Paige