Book Review: To Darkness Fled (Blood of Kings: Book 2)

imageThis book left me feeling…(What should I say?)…shocked, nervous, worried, excited, and just amazed. Totally amazed.

This book started just after book 1, I mean right after book 1 ended. Achan, Vrell, and three Kingsguard Knights (Sir Gavin, Sir Caleb, Inko) have fled from Mahanaim where the Council has voted Esek to be King, though it was brought to light that Achan was the real Prince Gidon Hadar and heir to the throne. Fleeing from Esek, the imposter prince, they head to Tsalfown. From there they will break into Ice Island and free old friends to help them raise up an army to fight for Er’rets. Vrell soon is worried. How long will it be until her secret is out? Achan, who just wanted freedom a few weeks ago, is now more bound to the kingdom than he ever was as a stray. Who is this god Arman? Can he, hardly a man, truly lead the whole kingdom of Er’rets?

I was captivated with this book from the start. I have quite fallen in love with Achan and Vrell. Achan is so neat. His bloodvoicing powers are so powerful and cool. He is very foolish and stubborn at times, but that is sometimes the reason why I like him. He’s also very humorous. Vrell was so fun. Her worries and fears felt so real. She was very perky and alive. She always had a quick remark ready. Towards the end, I was saying “What are you thinking??? Don’t do that!” But she’s still wonderful.

I’m so glad that I have the next book on hand. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I know it will have a fabulous ending, but how? I was tense with excitement and worry the whole time while reading this book. Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how much I wanted to read this and just forget about sleeping and eating. There was danger on every turn. It was so riveting.

Of course you’ll want to have read the first book in this series before reading this and I’d recommend this to people who love fantasy and/or just plain fiction. You don’t want to miss this.

-G. Paige