Book Review: From Darkness Won (Blood of Kings: Book 3)


Rating: 5/5 stars.

I must say that this book had the perfect ending. It was just perfect. Such a fantastic ending to a spectacular trilogy. I hope to read more by Jill Williamson soon.

Achan has finally stepped up to his role as the Crown Prince. But so many questions lay still unanswered. Is Esek still alive? What is Lord Nathak hiding? Is the man called Hadad the real enemy? Achan just hopes that his army will be able to take Armorguard. Vrell has decided to follow her own destiny and work as a healer in Prince Oren’s army. All does not go as planned, and soon she is stormed and lost to the Veil. Achan tries to bring her back, but she seems to not know who he is. Can he save Vrell? Can Achan take back his throne and defeat the darkness that has covered Er’rets?

I must say that I was a bit disappointed with this book, maybe it was more disappointment with myself than the book. I just felt so disconnected and out of it. Maybe after speed reading the second book, I just felt out of when I couldn’t keep up the same pace. Either way, even though I felt disconnected through most of it, I did read the last like 20% of it way late into the night. Too late.

Just because I felt disconnected does not mean it wasn’t amazing and fantastic. I loved it!!! Some cool stuff is revealed (I love big revelations, by the way). There was adventure and oh, so bittersweet romance (mostly sweet, I’ll admit). Then there was such an epic battle at the end. Woo hoo! It was awesome! Also, the end had a twinge of sadness to it, but I loved it anyway.

Because I am done with this trilogy, I’m sad but also happy too. This is totally worth re-reading. I’d recommend all fantasy lovers, romance lovers, and people who love Christian fiction. You will so love this trilogy. Don’t miss out on such a exquisite series!

-G. Paige