Book Review: Season of Wonder (The Remnants: Book 1)

imageRating: 5/5 stars.

This was really a new refreshing read for me. When I started it, I wasn’t very interesting in anything I was reading. So this took me awhile to read (like more than a week, when three or four days in my average). Normally I think I would have read this super quick, it was that good.

Their coming was foretold for many years. Children born on the seventh day of the seventieth-seventh Harvest after the Great War. Carrying the Ailith Strain and a birthmark in the shape of a crescent moon, they were recognized immediately and taken to safety. Prophesied to save the world, they spend their whole lives training physically and spiritually. Now Andriana (a Remnant) and Ronan (her Knight of the Last Order) have experienced the Hour of their Call, their call to save the world. But right from the start, they meet with danger. Are they, and the other Ailith, ready for this? Do they even know what specifically they’re meant to do? Or are they going to just die as martyrs for a righteous cause?

So this was a really slow reading for about seventy percent of the book, but as I said above, I kind of wasn’t interested in anything I was reading at the time. The last thirty percent or so I read as quick as I could. It was so so good. I’m still wondering how this whole series is going to be resolved. I feel this story can have no real conclusion.

The main character was Andriana. I liked her. She had spirit and was quite a fighter. There were a good bit of characters that were there throughout the book: Ronan, Raniero, Vidar, and Bellona. And later Tressa and Killian. They each had a distinct personality and I loved them all, but Ronan was my absolute favorite. He, for some reason, reminds me of Four from the Divergent Series. At least, a more kinder, “Christian” version of Four. He was such a gentleman and he really cared for Andriana. He would die for her. The romance that grew between them was sweet.

There was plenty of action, suspense, adventure, danger of the unknown, and the like. It was really really intense! I will say this is definitely for more mature older teens, because there is hints of what some sinful men do to women. And there was one setting where it was kind of shown in a  really moderate amount.

I’d recommend this to all the Christian Fiction fans out there. It was such an interesting dystopian. You’ll enjoy it!

-G. Paige