Book Review: Prophet (Books of the Infinite: Book 1)

Prophet-TP_Cover(PH).inddRating: 3/5 stars.

I’m not exactly sure what to rate this book (or what I think about it). It was good, don’t get me wrong. But it didn’t really connect with me and I’m not totally sure why.

Ela of Parne can’t imagine why the Infinite would want her, a mere girl, to become his prophet. But after experiencing his presence, she can’t imagine being anything else. She takes up the sacred vinewood branch and sets out with her little sister, Tzana, leaving Parne and everything she ever knew behind. Soon she is in the land Istgard, a nation falling apart at the seams. They have abandoned the Infinite for other “gods”. She wants to turn them to the truth. But will anyone listen? To top it off, Kien of Traceland is thrown into her life. He wants to enact revenge on the king of Istgard or die. Can she help him? Throughout everything, Ela wonders, when will she die?

This was very interesting and I quite enjoyed it. It had the action, the adventure, the danger, and a bit of romance. Ela was so sweet and felt so real, if you know what I mean. She seemed really natural and realistic. Kien, oh I loved him, was hilarious and such fun. He was so strong and had a lot of spirit.

There was just something that didn’t “click” for me. The last sixty pages or so felt like an add-on from what I had thought was the main plot. Then I never really connected with the characters much. Well, I think I connected with Kien pretty well. Also, I haven’t read many allegorical books. So maybe allegory just isn’t my thing.

Above all that, I still really don’t want to scare you away from reading this. It was really great, and I still want to try to the next book. Maybe it will work out better for you than me. Or maybe I’ll enjoy the next book more, I don’t know.

I’d recommend this to anyone who really likes allegory. Christianity is very prevalent, but not definitely overwhelming. You will probably enjoy this more than me.

-G. Paige

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Prophet (Books of the Infinite: Book 1)

  1. Great review! I have to say I agree. Actually, the first book in the series was the weakest. It was sort of a domino chain of events without much of a common, pressing goal.
    The second one is much better if you read on. 😉 (I mean, more Kien? How can you lose? 😛 )


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