Book Review: A Superhero Story (Wearing the Cape: Book 1)

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Oh my goodness! What just happened? This book was great (though it had a few things that weren’t so great or appropriate).

Ever since the Event, random people have had superhuman breakthroughs and have incredible powers. Nine years after the Event, Hope, an eighteen year girl living in Chicago, is about to start he freshman year of college. Her life is pretty great, but then she has her breakthrough. Her whole life is changed upside down. She joins the Sentinels (Chicago’s own superhero team) to learn to control her powers and is code-named “Astra”. But after that, what will she do with her life? Will she take on the mask and cape and make a career as a superhero? Or will she go back to her plan for her life? Another thing is that the Teatime Anarchist, a major supervillain, has an interest in her. He thinks she is supposed to save the world, or, most of it. At other times, he seems to want to kill her as soon as he has an opportunity.

It book had a very different feel to it from others that I’ve read. It was written very frankly. I really do think that this book was awesome. Superheroes in a modern world! What could go wrong? There was action. It had that good versus evil style that is so classic. I loved it! The violence felt bitter and rough and real. It was so real.

I didn’t care for how the romance was done. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little romance here and there.  But the romance between Hope and this guy got a bit, shall we say, out of control. It never got drastically horrible, but it was a bit uncomfortable for me. Also, there was a lot of times that bad and inappropriate “romance” was mentioned about certain superheroes, but it was never really explained or described.

Then that ending! Woah. It totally caught me off guard. I wanted to cry. How could you do that to her? To me? The rest of the books won’t feel the same now. That was so terrible. I’m sure that many of you that read this will sob your eyes out. Needless to say, I want the next book now!

I’d recommend this to older teens and adults who love superheroes, dystopian (it wasn’t that futuristic, but at times it felt that way), and/or fiction. It was good.

-G. Paige