Book Review: Noble Imposter (The Cantral Chronicles: Book 2)

imageRating: 3/5 stars.

This was a good book. The plot was interesting. There is just something that I don’t like about it.

The inhabitants of Cillineese have now been freed from the nobles and their computers, but the rest of the world is still enslaved. Now Monica must go to Cantral and assume to identity of her dying cousin, Amelia who is a Noble and a master computer programmer. But she knows little about computers or anything of the like, so it is only a matter of time before the Nobles realize that she is an imposter. Still, she needs to keep up the disguise until she can take down the computers in Cantral. But will this lie last?

This book was definitely better than the last one. There was much more character development. Monica keeps fighting until there is no hope at all. She makes knew friends and learns more about the Nobles way of life. I really liked Aric. He was a kind of arrogant and uncaring at first, but that was the way he was raised. Overall of that he was still very kind, which was unusual for one of his class. There were characters that actually stayed throughout the book besides just the main character (that didn’t happen in the last book). It was much more well done, I think.

The plot was very interesting and entertaining. It kept pretty fast paced throughout the whole book. There is just something about this book that makes me not very interested in it. It happened with the first book in this series too. I don’t know what it is? I can tell that it is exciting and pretty well written, but I’m not into it. Maybe it is the main character. I like male protagonist better than female protagonist. Or maybe it is the style of writing. Or maybe it moves too fast. I don’t know, but I feel like I’m just not liking it as much as I should be.

I still this that this is a good book. So I’d recommend this to teenagers of all ages and adults. It was very good. I enjoyed it.

-G. Paige

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