Book Review: Viral Execution (The Cantral Chronicles: Book 3)

imageRating: 3/5 stars.

This book was even greater than the last one! But I still think that it went a bit too fast and though the characters went through so much hardship, it still felt too easy in the end. You know what I mean.

The Cantral computers have been taken down. But after living to long in slavery, the slaves want revenge on the Nobles and anyone who wants to protect them. Now they are taking the law into their own hands. Monica, Simon, and Aric must escape the mobs and sail to Eurasia. If they destroy the computers of the biggest city there, the rest of the world’s computers will fall one by one until the world is free. More important to Monica is searching for someone she thought gone from her life forever. Someone who is supposedly alive, unknown to her. Can she cross the sea and shut down the computer before she is found out and killed?

So…the plot was pretty well done. It was exciting, so say the least. Very, very fast paced. Just a bit too fast paced. I think that I found one or two plot holes, but maybe I just missed it in reading too fast or too much or something. I don’t normally miss stuff like that though. I loved the parts when they were on the ship. I love ships and anything to do with it. It brought a fresh taste to the book.

They introduced some new characters into this story that I really liked, especially Fahltrid. He didn’t play a really big part, but I loved his personality and everything about him. I wish that I could know more about all these characters, I feel like you don’t learn that much about them, besides Monica.

This series ended swell. It left it like there could be more, but there isn’t going to be. It was just a touch sad, but mostly good. I just still have this same feeling as I did with the other books. I’m not very interested in it, but it was enjoyable and very good. So I’m sure other people will love these books.

For a teenager’s first series, this is so good. The author should be very proud of herself. She has done a amazing job. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what she creates next! This for those who have read the others books before it and like dystopian. I’d suggest this for teenagers and up.

-G. Paige

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