Book Review: The Negotiator (The O’Malley Series: Book 1)

imageRating: 4/5 stars.

This book was fantastic. It was something different from what I’ve recently been reading, but so so good. I need the next one!

Kate O’Malley is a hostage negotiator. Whether defusing human time bombs or stopping stopping a person from jumping off a building, she is good at what she does and will walk into situations no one else will. Dave Richman is a FBI special agent who has spent much of his life protecting people. He is starting to care about Kate. But now someone is targeting her. Someone who is not just out for her blood, but who wants to ruin her first. A person has sent her black roses. Maybe the same one that blew up an airplane and blamed her. Dave is determined to protect her. If he can’t, she may die. When shocking evidence from the investigation threatens to crush her, can she learn to rely and trust in Dave and the God he believes in so faithfully?

I loved this book a lot. I connected with Dave and Kate right from the start. They were so fun to read about. I mean they were hilarious together and the budding romance was so sweet. Though I do think the Dave fell in love with Kate a bit too quickly. Kate was a really strong character. She could hide her emotions very well in almost every situation she was in, but she had a temper that she let out at points. Dave was kind and very protective, though he had a touch of cockiness and a lot of fun which was perfect. Then the whole O’Malley family, don’t get me started. I could laugh at most of the parts with all of them together. The protective brothers, the awesome sisters, is was cool. Marcus is my favorite of the siblings, I think. They were all good. This book was layered with puns and jokes from all of them including Dave.

The plot was intense. The mysteries, the secrets, it all added to such a great thrilling suspense. It will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the book. I did feel like the climatic ending could have been drawn out a little bit more than it was, since there was so much anticipation leading up to it. But it  was still great.

I’ll recommend this to teens and up. This was a great Christian Fiction book with so much suspense, mystery, and romance. If you like any sort of Christian Fiction, try it out! I think you’ll find it very good.

-G. Paige 

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