Book Review: Falling Kingdoms (A Falling Kingdoms Novel: Book 1)


Rating: 2/5 stars.

The book had me at the cover. Is it not just amazing and intriguing? Ever since I saw that cover I was itching to read it. The title seemed to forbode of a great plot too. But…let’s just say that this book was a disappointment for me.

The land of Mytica is split into three separate kingdoms: Limeros, Paelsia, and Auranos. Paelsia is in between Limeros and Auranos. Limeros is a mountainous region in the north; Auranos is a warm land filled with green plains. While Auranos is prospering, Limeros and Paelsia are suffering. Princess Cleo of Auranos is witness to a shocking murder that sets things in motion for her kingdom’s collapse. Prince Magnus of Limeros, harboring a dark secret, must carefully gain his father’s trust without becoming like him. Magnus’s sister, Lucia, finds out something about herself that could mean her death if anyone found out. Jonas rebels against Paelsia’s suffering that has been secured by the other countries selfishness. He soon finds himself playing a major part in the revolution of his country.

Sound interesting, does it not? Well, I read this book in two days. That has got to mean something. It does. The plot was really amazing. It was fast paced and exciting. I loved how intense it was. The way the four points of view were weaved together was done so well. That is what really kept me reading.

The uniqueness of the characters was great too. I did for the most part like all the characters, except for the ones you weren’t supposed to like. But Theon was my absolute favorite. Why, oh why, did that have to happen to him?

Anyways, the thing that made me give this a low rating was all the romance. Everyone of the main characters, except Lucia, had some sort of relationship or love interest, in the past or present. Magnus’s dark secret was romance related (I was quite disgusted by it too.). Then you knew that he was doing stuff with a maid. Also, his father had mistresses. Jonas mentioned hanging out with girls and towards the end of the book he got in a relationship with a girl. Cleo was ashamed about a inappropriate love affair with someone from the past. There was also this one character that was drunk all the time. It was really annoying and unnecessary.

So, I wouldn’t recommend anyone reading this. It is really not worth it at all. You would most likely be very disappointed.

-G. Paige