Book Review: Storm Siren (The Storm Siren Trilogy: Book 1)

imageRating: 5/5 stars.

Somebody help me. I knew that there was going to be a cliffhanger ending, but I was still not prepared. Not at all prepared for that shocking and horrifyingly thrilling ending.

Nymia is a seventeen year slave surviving in a country ridden by war. She is an Elemental, which means she shouldn’t even exist for Elementals are always born male and slaughtered. She is sold the fifteenth time to a High Council member who is the king’s most trusted advisor. She gives Nym a choice: train to be used as a weapon to win the war or die. Nym makes her choice and is soon training hard alongside another Uathúil under Eogan while at the same time going to parties and pretending to be something she is not. But does she really want to help the country that keeps her enslaved and murders her kind? And how can Eogan calm her down and seemingly block her powers? What is he hiding?

Let me first say that the cover is georgous. Just look at it. I love the blue and the dark look it has to it. I just love the white hair too along with the lightning. So neat! Also, I got a hardback copy of this for Christmas and I love hardback!

I love the way this is told in first person. The similes were beautiful. The emotions felt raw and real. I felt for Nym like I was her. It was really amazing. I really loved Nym, she had done many terrible things in her past and was terribly ashamed of it and felt so guilty. But she wanted to make up for it even if she didn’t believe she could. She knew that she deserved die, but that didn’t mean she wanted to. Nym is a heartbroken character, and that is probably why I liked her so much. Because I’m really more for the male protagonist than the female protagonist.

I do feel like there maybe should have been a few more side characters or a few more names. But it was great with the side characters there were. I was interested in Eogan from the beginning. He has such a secretive side to him that intrigued me. Colin, man, he was so caring and funny. His past was sad, but he didn’t let that bring him down. He was very open about himself. Breck, Colin’s twin sister, felt a little flat. She needed to play more of a part in the book or more of a personality or something. Adora was crazy and a touch creepy, but very interesting. I would like to know how she came to be the way she was.

The book was dark, but didn’t feel at all depressing like a lot of dark books feel. It was definitely was a very intense and suspenseful book with a good bit of action. The romance was very prevalent too, at least in the case of feelings and emotions. Kissing only happened two or three times. There is quite a bit of sadness at the end, but then the ending gives you an overall feeling of shock.

I’d recommend this to people who love fantasy and powers. This is probably best for a older teenager and up, just because of the romance and the sporadic violence.

-G. Paige 

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