Book Review: Ashburn (I.C.E. Agency Series: Book 1)

imageRating: 5/5 stars.

I haven’t read anything much like this and I loved it. The agent aspect of it reminded me much of the TV shows I watch, but in book form (which, by the way, is so much better)!

Special agent Bryce Reynolds is given a top-secret mission. One that involves a friend that he hasn’t seen in ten years…Cara Stephenson. Can he keep all these secrets from someone who knew him so well? Cara is just a talented graphic designer at Silver Strand technologies. Then suddenly her childhood best friend shows up into her life. Before much time has passed, they are both on a mission for a missing technology developer who has a priceless prototype that he may have been kidnapped for! Will they find him? Will they even survive their trek through Venice and other places?

Oh, the characters were so great. Bryce was my favorite. He was so cool. I loved all the top notch gadgets he pulled out for special occasions. He was so kind and protective. He knew how to stand his own ground. Also, I loved how he liked to tease Cara. It was hilarious! Cara was smart, creative, and great at improvising in tough situations. The little bit of romance between them was sweet and not at all inappropriate.

The plot was fast paced and filled with action. But it also had some scenes that felt…normal. I don’t get that a lot in books. It was nice. There was gunfights and street fights and a motorcycle chase! It was definitely exciting. I also loved reading about the different places they went to. Venice, Paris, and much more!!! It was really neat. I almost felt like I was there and knew what it was like.

I would recommend this to teens and up. The violence could be a little scary for younger people. Those who love spy and agent novels will really enjoy it.

-G. Paige