Book Review: The Elfstones of Shannara (The Shannara Trilogy: Book 2)


Rating: 4/5 stars.

Being the second book by this author that I’ve read, it really didn’t disappoint. It was a great tale that was quite different from the first book that was so much like The Lord of the Rings.

For a very long time has the magical tree, known as the Ellcrys, lived, cared for by the elves. The tales of the Ellcrys protecting the world from demons that would destroy it are believed to be myths. Until now. The Ellcrys is dying. Now the Forbidding is crumbling, the demons that were held in captivity for many years are breaking free. The elves must call on the other races to help fend off what could annihilate them all. Meanwhile, Wil Ohmsford and the Elven girl Amberle journey to a dangerous place where Amberle will make the Ellcrys’s seed into a force that will restore the Forbidding and save the world. But a demon who has never failed in a mission to kill someone, is after them and cannot be stopped by any physical means.

This book was great. The book was mainly told from the points of view of Ander Elessedil and Wil Ohmsford besides a few other instances. So I must say it didn’t jump around as much as the first book. Probably my favorite character was Ander, unless you take Allanon into the equation, in which case he is like my absolute favorite. I have a feeling that he will make an appearance in almost every book about Shannara. Anyways, Ander was such a great leader, when he didn’t even want to be one. Wil was pretty good too. He only wanted to be a Healer. Amberle was very stubborn and strong, but also felt very vulnerable. Eretria. I don’t know what to think of her. She was bold, stubborn, and definitely wouldn’t take no for an answer, while also very protective for those she cared about, if they gave her what she wanted. You did not want to get on her bad side. Oh, and I can’t leave out Stee Jans. He was awesome. Such a brave and courageous person who didn’t fear death one bit.

The book didn’t feel as much like The Lord of the Rings, as the first one did. But that doesn’t mean that it was any less good. I think the only problem with it was that I just wasn’t as interested in it for some reason. I’m not exactly sure why, but I wasn’t, though it was still very fast paced and filled with tons of action. Then that ending blew it out of the water. It was fantastic.

I recommend this to fantasy lovers who don’t mind some magic. I can’t wait to read more!

-G. Paige