Book Review: Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles: Book 1)

imageRating: 5/5 stars.

There was a different feel to this book from others that I’ve read. But it was really great.

In the futuristic world of New Beijing, humans, androids, and cyborgs thrive. A disease threatens their extinction, while the mysterious Lunars wait to take control and make everyone their slaves. Cinder is a cyborg from an hovercraft accident when she was eleven. She lives under a cruel stepmother and two stepsisters, one of whom has much sympathy for her. That stepsister gets the disease and being blamed for it, Cinder gets thrust into a whole new realm. One where she finds out secrets about herself and keeps running into Prince Kai who seems to be falling more for her each time they meet. Should she risk telling him that she’s a cyborg? A thing that everyone is disgusted by? And why is she falling for him?

I loved Cinder and Kai. Cinder felt so realistic, for a cyborg anyway. Her thoughts and actions felt normal. Kai was fun and kind, but to those he didn’t like, he was as polite as a snake. I loved the humor that came from him. The moments with Cinder and Kai were filled with excitement and awesomeness, while being stressful. It was spectacular!

There was plenty of action and the anxiety levels ran high. What a ride! I loved it so much! Cinder had such a fighter spirit in her and held so many secrets to protect. Kai had a country to rule, when he felt too young. So many people’s lives were in his hands. Then they were on the edge of war with the Lunars, which they couldn’t possibly hope to win.
I had no problems with this book. There was a kiss or two and some violence, but nothing at all to worry about.

I’m recommending this to teens and up. It was a fantastic dystopian and fairytale mix. I want the next one.

-G. Paige

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