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Gun ControlGun control has been a much discussed topic in the U.S. Many crimes are committed through the use of guns and other similar weapons. As the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the U.S.A. explicitly states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of he people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”. But what is our right to bear arms? Are there limitations to this? Should there be tougher gun control laws or easier ones? Are guns the problem that there’s crime? I hope to share my view on all of this and more relating to gun control.

Guns are used by all sorts of people. They’ve been used to do good and to do bad. To save and protect and to kill and destroy. But I don’t think that the guns are the problem. It’s the people who are behind the trigger that decide whether it will be used as a force for good or evil. It’s never the guns that are doing the terrible and horrible things. It is the people. If a person wants to commit a crime and he/she doesn’t have a gun, do you think that will stop her/him? No, of course not! We can always find a way to do evil with whatever we have if we really want to. A gun just makes it so much easier. If we’re going to put really tough gun control laws down, we might as well start putting such laws on everything else, because seriously, just about anything can be used for crime.

I believe that there are limitations to the Second Amendment like age restrictions. You wouldn’t just give a gun to a three year old. Also, those who have committed crimes in the past should never be allowed to have guns unless it’s for military purposes or for defense in a life or death situation. Those same could be said for those with mental issues, we wouldn’t want them to accidentally hurt themselves or those around them. Besides things like that though, I think anyone of a acceptable age should be allowed to have guns if they can afford it. We have a right to have them, whether or not people want us to.

Now we are never going to be able to fully stop crime. We live in such a sinful world that it is quite unrealistic to think that we’ll have a prefect utopia here on earth. We’ll have to wait on Jesus’s return for that. But no matter how fallen this world is, we can still do our best to stop crime. I just don’t think that tougher gun control laws are going to help. In fact, I think that it might make crime worse because as harder laws are put down it makes more people want to break them. To really stop crime, we need to change the people’s lives. The people are the ones who commit crimes, not the tools they use. If we can change people’s heart towards God, we’d be taking a big step towards having peace in this world.

-G. Paige

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  1. While I agree with pretty much everything you said, I do want to point out that yes, people can do bad with anything, BUT – guns are one of the most dangerous weapons out there. You hurt a lot of people, really fast, and from a distance. It’s a weapon almost everyone will go to if they want to hurt someone/kill someone. The government doesn’t have the time (also, they aren’t collectively Christians) to go to every person and try to change their heart.
    In maybe a more ordered America, I believe we should have the right to have guns. The right to protect ourselves. I believe there should be strict laws on who and who can’t have them, though. But as a Christian, I’m careful of insisting about my right to have a gun too much. Because whether the gun itself is good or bad, people DO associate guns with violence and that’s not something I want them to think of everytime they see me.
    Those are just my thoughts on the matter 😛 I agree entirely with you that taking away guns wouldn’t suddenly cease violence or murder. Those people’s hearts DO need to change, and only by the Grace of our Lord and Savior. But as we are commanded to respect our authorities, I try to see things from their point of view. They’re probably a bit desperate. So many kids have died in school shootings – it’s crazy. And the weapon used has been a gun. A lot of people are scared these days. There’s so much awful stuff going on, and they don’t know where to turn to. I feel so sad for them. Because even though I should be allowed to protect myself… I already have protection. God’s angels surround me. I shouldn’t have to put my faith in cold, hard metal.
    And…… that was a way longer comment than I thought it would be. I apologize.


    • No need to apologize. I love hearing what other people think. ☺️

      Yes, I agree that guns are about the most universally used weapon to commit crime. It is easy and fast.

      And it certainly is not the government’s responsibility to change people’s hearts. Just as it isn’t their responsibility to raise our kids or teach them Christianity. On the latter, they’d be breaking their own law on free religion if they did that. It is really a Christian’s responsibility to change people’s hearts, to share the Gospel.

      The government probably has gotten a bit desperate. The school shootings are absolutely terrible. Acts of terrorism has people really scared. But I don’t think we should give up more of our rights in the face of more violence. Because at some point they might take the rights of something far more important. And I just don’t think stricter laws are going to help the violence very much. Many of those in school shootings shouldn’t have had guns, but they got them from somewhere.

      Guns are associated with violence, when they should be associated with protection and safety. As my dad taught me, “What are the laws for? The lawless.” In a perfect world we wouldn’t have need of guns or any sort of weapon, but that isn’t the case. So I think we should have a right to defend ourselves. Now I think we should always try to find a peaceful solution, before resorting to violence (but that is a whole other topic).

      I hope that I made myself clear and that the above wasn’t confusing. You’ve made some very good points.

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  2. I definitely agree with this post. From my point of view, yes, guns are an easy way to do harm quickly and from a distance, but if you take away the guns from the people that mean no harm, then a shooting spree is more likely to happen. People focus so much on the shooting sprees that they don’t realize just how many would-be shooting sprees have been stopped because another person had a gun and was able to stop them. But of course you don’t see that on the news.


  3. Great post, Gabriela! 🙂 I’ve been enjoying your blog!!

    I definitely agree. I’ve heard of so many situations that were not fatal like they could have been because the good guys had guns too.

    Taking away guns won’t solve violence problems … bad people will find a way to get guns whether they’re illegal or not … just like they do with drugs.


  4. Gabs, I loved this! I had been considering doing a post like this myself, but after reading this – I don’t even need to!! This was brilliant, and how I loved that last part!!
    Such a beautiful, thought out message that really explained everything we need to know.
    While I am not gun obsessive, I do plan to get a permit, and carry one with me, for nowadays that gun may be the difference in life and death for many people.
    I loved this, for you explained perfectly!
    Thanks for the great posts, my friend!! 😀


    • That’s funny. XD This was actually for school and I turned it into a blog post.

      Thank you!!! I’m glad to know that people agree with me. It can be a hard topic for some people. And I wasn’t sure what people would think.

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      • Haha, was it really!?!?! *gasps*
        That showed serious talent!
        Most welcome! 😀
        So true, and in today’s world you never know when someone will disagree, and be so open to attack with words… :\
        Looks like you have a great following though, so that’s terrific news! 😀

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  5. Agreed. Criminals find ways to commit crimes no matter what the laws say. And the quickest way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. Ever noticed how many shootings happen in “gun free zones”? Calling yourself a gun free zone is just saying “Hey, you can come shoot us and no one here will be able to stop you.”

    It’s hard to know what gun laws are acceptable, though. Because while what you said makes perfect sense when you apply it honestly, there’s no guarantee it will be applied honestly. Like what if people decide that being a Christian means you’re mentally unsound? It sounds extreme, but I’m sure there are people who would like to say that. It’s a tricky subject, and I don’t know all the answers. I just know that over-regulating guns is a bad idea.


    • Thanks for the comment! I agree. It is hard to know which gun laws are “right”, but I know too strict laws on guns will be devastating. I would hope that with some thought, we (the people) could find a good balance on strictness.


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