Book Review: Dreamlander

Dreamlander-coverRating: 5/5 stars.

What an amazing book! I was expecting something great, but not such a prodigious book (Yeah, go look up that word.).

There is another world that we see glimpses of in our dreams. We lives two separate lives: one in this world and one in the world we only dream about. Chris has dreams of a lady begging him not to come to her right before shooting him in the head. They are only dreams until he wakes up in that world. He has a strong belief that he is going insane. Then Chris makes some very bad mistakes and realizes that this may all be real. But the consequences of his mistakes may destroy both worlds if he doesn’t find a way to fix it.

I started this book and it seemed pretty good, but nothing special. Well it didn’t take long for that to change. The characters were memorable. I loved Chris and Allara! Chris was a average man who was running away from facing his family problems. He makes some major mistakes, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to fix it. He was determined once he set his mind to something and brave to the point of recklessness. Allara was tough and fearless on the outside, but underneath all that armor she was fearful and worried. She wanted peace but didn’t know how to get it. Quinnon was a hardened warrior. It would take awhile to earn his respect. He was willing to follow through hard decisions. Orias was a Cherazim and an heart wrenching character. At times I liked him, other times I didn’t. Worick I didn’t see enough of. But I loved that parts I did see of him. He was such a father figure. A good and trusting friend Mike. Brooke was just crazy. She’s one of those characters who you need to look out for. She’s out for an adventure…and trouble.

Once you get past the first few chapters this was a really fast paced book. There was action left and right and it just never slowed down. Oh, it had me worried so much! The battles were so intense and felt very real. There were a few instances that felt a little rushed and maybe a tiny bit easy, but for the most part it flowed smoothly.

The world building was fantastic. The Rievers and Cherazii were so cool and fit the story like a glove. I loved how there wasn’t just medieval weapons, but canons and different sorts of guns. It made the story stand out more. The skycars were another unique feature to this world. All of it was awesome.

I’m recommending this to older teens because it was bloody in some of the battle scenes, but otherwise anyone could read this. It was such a good mix of modern world and fantasy.

-G. Paige