Book Review: Siren’s Song (The Storm Siren Trilogy: Book 3)

0cf35ac56baf78977dc953a81221bc67Rating: 5/5 stars.

Oh dear. What do I say? What an spectacular ending to an amazing trilogy! This was better than Siren’s Fury, but I still think Storm Siren might be the best one out of the whole trilogy. But they’re all great, let’s just say. I’m glad and sad at the same time. It was so good, but now it is over.

Now that Draewulf’s plan has been revealed, Eogan and Nym must race across the nations to warn them of the danger they’re in and the need for everyone to unite. They prepare to gather together an army to fight Draewulf’s ever increasing army, but it will be of no use unless they can discover the secret to defeating Draewulf for good. And they are running out of time…

It was so great to have the real Eogan back. I missed him badly in the last book. He’s tough. He worries way too much about the safety of others. And he is very protective of Nym which is perfect because she needs someone like that. This book displays her willingness to make sacrificial decisions. She is always getting herself in life threatening situations. Just because she has powers, doesn’t mean that she is invincible. Her past has broken her in a way. She needs someone who cares for her life, and Eogan fulfills that role. Rasha and Myles are growing characters in this book. They hold a lot of intrigue for me. Kel is a great fun addition to this story. He adds some humor to the story. Draewulf is so so so evil. He is quite a complicated character in and of himself.

In this book, Nym and Eogan’s relationship gets much more intense. So there was quite a few kisses shared or at least they say they want to kiss, but don’t. I feel like there is more to their relationship than physical attraction, but it is barely mentioned. Meanwhile the physical attraction is said every time they are together. That got a bit annoying at times.

There was so much action and anxiety. The battles kept you on the edge of your seat. You never knew when something was going to go wrong. It was bloody at times, but I don’t think it was too bad. The plot twists were great and terrible. There was a moment when I thought this trilogy was going to end worse than the ending of Storm Siren, but thankfully there were some more pages. It ended in a perfect way (Even though I’m still a bit confused about how it all worked out.), full with hope and tragedy.

I just love this writing style people. It is georgous! So raw and heart wrenching and beautiful. The breathtaking similes that can literally pull tears from your eyes. It is incredible first person. I need more books by this author.

This is an amazing! I’m recommending this to all fantasy lovers. Go read it! Don’t think twice, just read it!

-G. Paige

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    • Awww… It’s disappointing when someone doesn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else does. I’ve had a few like that and it is so frustrating when you just don’t care for it as much. But everyone has different tastes in books.

      Well, I hope that you find some others that you’ll really like (The Lunar Chronicles & Red Queen series *hint* *hint*). πŸ˜‰

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am still waiting on book two but I am so excited to read this!! Ahh, I can’t wait!!!


  2. I’ve heard good things about this series. I’ll have to read it! Also, I want to read the Lunar Chronicles. I saw you review on those


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