How Great is Our God?

How GreatLast week I did a post of why you are not worthless. It’s absolutely true. But there is another way people think. Instead of thinking that we are worthless and that God should have nothing to do with us, they think that they have a right to be with God, they deserve it.

I think we think both ways, just at different moments in our lives. At one time we think that we’re so below God (How could You love sinful people like us?), at another time we think that He needs to bless us (How could You do this to me?).

Both of these opposite types of thinking come from, first and foremost, just being sinful people, but I think it is also partly due to the fact that we don’t understand God. Now, I definitely don’t believe that I can make you fully understand God. I don’t fully understand Him myself. But maybe I can try to give you a glimpse of what God is like for you to begin to comprehend Him.

Last week I discussed God’s love and His saving grace. Today, I want to speak of God’s greatness, His holiness.

He created the Heavens and the Earth in days. He could’ve have done it quicker, but he was  setting an example for the way we were to live. Six days of work and one day of rest. Have you ever imagined how it went about? There was nothing. If you imagine an empty space, that’s not right, because that’s something. God spoke words, just words, and out of nothing came something. It is scientifically impossible, but with God all things are possible.

God is holy, no one else is. Holy means consecrated, sacred, separate, and/or set apart. He is perfect. This holiness was the reason He can not even look at sin. It was the reason the Israelites sacrificed unblemished lambs to pay the price for their sins. It was the reason the temple had to be built to God’s design for Him to dwell in it. It was the reason priests were struck down dead on entering the temple, if they had not been cleansed of their sins first.

Even so, at our best we are still filthy and dirty in God’s eyes.

Isaiah 64:6

We are all infected and impure with sin.
When we display our righteous deeds,
they are nothing but filthy rags.
Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall,
and our sins sweep us away like the wind.

His perfection is incomprehensible to us. He can not sin. Every act, every decision is good and right.

There’s are terrible, horrible things happening all around the world at every moment. We may not think about it much, but when we do…we can question God’s authority. I know I do. Why would He let these things happen? Is God committing these acts? No, it is not even in God’s nature to be able to do such a thing.

Job 1:12

“All right, you may test him,” the Lord said to Satan. “Do whatever you want with everything he possesses, but don’t harm him physically.” So Satan left the Lord’s presence.

But He does allow bad things to happen. Look at Job. He went through some things I’m sure 99.99% of people will never go through. And though it is hard for us to understand, God allowed it to happen.

God let’s Satan do His work, but in the end, Satan will lose.

No matter what happens, God is blameless.

Isaiah 55:8

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.

We may not understand now, I’m sure in Heaven everything will be revealed to us clearly.

Job 36:26

Look, God is greater than we can understand.
His years cannot be counted.

God’s greatness can not be measured by any of our standards. Though we will put God in this mold (or box) that allows our finite minds to comprehend Him. But, in reality, He is infinite and incomprehensible. So let’s take away the mold, the box and see God for who He really is.

G. Paige

5 thoughts on “How Great is Our God?

  1. Wow. Gabriela, this… this is a work of art. I applaud you greatly. *hugs* 😀 It really helps clear some things up.

    I personally find I struggle most with ‘why?’; why would He let this person die? Why does He allow all this grossness I see on the news? Why does He let people make these bad decisions, and so forth.
    But recently, I’ve just really been thinking. And I understand better now. It’s not like He WANTS sin. No, He doesn’t. But WE brought it upon OURSELVES when Adam and Eve sinned. Sinning is our punishment for falling away, and the world just keeps falling away. He allows it to happen for our good.
    It’s sad, really. Breaks my heart to see all these ‘pastors’ and ‘churches’ accepting all religions into their churches. Compromising with the gay’s, the transgenders, the bisexual. Love the sinner, hate the sin, not love the sinner and the sin, I say. I just want them to know the LOVE, the GRACE, unending FORGIVENESS of their Heavenly Father, who is there, watching, loving, forgiving. (Gosh, I’m almost crying now)

    Thank you for sharing your love of God with all of us. You don’t know how much your weekly posts help with my understanding my Father better :’)


    • To be honest, I almost didn’t do a post today. It was later than I normally would blog and I was a bit tired. But now I’m so glad that I did.

      I have never really struggled with the ‘Why?’. But I do understand the struggle. This sin is the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin. But some people might go further to say, “Why do we have to suffer for what Adam and Eve did?”. I would say Adam and Eve were representatives for all of mankind. They made the decision all of us would have made. For further insight, I would read “The Holiness of God” by R.C. Sprout (if you haven’t read it). He really explains it very thoroughly.

      “Love the sinner, hate the sin, not love the sinner and the sin, I say.” I agree. It is very heart breaking to see what this world is coming to (You’re going to make me cry.).

      Thanks for such an encouraging and uplifting comment. It is so motivating to hear that my posts mean something to people. You don’t know how much it means to me. 🙂

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