Monthly High Points: May

Monthly High Points

WritingI didn’t really write this month. I probably did about five hundred words total. I am hoping to get much more do this month.


I read some fanatic books this month.

  1. The Scarlet Pimpernel (The Scarlet Pimpernel: Book 1) by Emmuska Orczy
  2. Stars Above (The Lunar Chronicles: Book 4.5) by Marissa Meyer
  3. The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus: Book 2) by Rick Riordan
  4. The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus: Book 3) by Rick Riordan
  5. Defy (The Blades of Acktar: Book 3) by Tricia Mingerink
  6. Unwind (Unwind Dystology: Book 1) by Neal Shusterman
  7. Judge (Books of the Infinite: Book 2) by R.J. Larson
  8. The Winner’s Curse (The Winner’s Trilogy: Book 1) by Marie Rutkoski
  9. King (Books of the Infinite: Book 3) by R.J. Larson
  10. The Paladin Prophecy (The Paladin Prophecy: Book 1) by Mark Frost
  11. The Conqueror Worm by Edgar Allan Poe
  12. Alliance (The Paladin Prophecy: Book 2) by Mark Frost
  13. A Dream within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

I also read the Bible book Ephesians.

The Scarlet Pimpernel: This is probably one of the best classics I’ve read. The adventure was exciting. The romance was so romantic. I love romance set in an older time period.

Stars Above: I loved all the stories. But ‘The Princess and the Guard’ and ‘Something Old, Something New’ were my favorites! I just ship Jacin and Winter so much! Along with Kai and Cinder! I’m so sad the series is over.

The Son of Neptune: Finally! I’m reading about Percy again! This was fun and intense.

The Mark of Athena: Maybe even better than the one before it? I’m not sure. They were both great. But it was so cool to see Annabeth’s point of view for the first time!

Defy: *runs around screaming and squealing* THIS WAS SO SO SO AMAZING! Agh! The torture!

Unwind: This is one of those books that you keep thinking about long after you’ve read it. And the more you think about it, the more you like it. It was unique and twisted, but very good.

Judge: This was better than the first, but probably only because it had more of Kien.

The Winner’s Curse: This is now one of my new favorites. I love the style of writing. There were so many good quotes.

King: This was good, but I didn’t think it was that good of a conclusion. It was definitely a bit rushed at the beginning too.

The Paladin Prophecy: For a reread it was as good as the first time. What a adventure!

Alliance: Totally not as good as the first one. It was choppy and didn’t flow well.

I’m currently reading:

  • One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
  • Rogue (The Paladin Prophecy: Book 3) by Mark Frost

I’m also reading the Bible book Philippians.

One Thousand Gifts: I’ve read one chapter and I got to say that the writing is amazing. It is so poetic.

Rogue: This is interesting. I’m hoping that it is better than book two.


Of course I’m listening to Twenty One Pilots. It is addicting. I’m trying to memorize all the rapping parts of all the songs.

I’ve also repeatedly played Lost Boy by Ruth B and Dead Hearts by Stars. They are catchy.

May 12th I went and saw Captain America: Civil War. I survived. I won’t give any spoilers, but what a great and heartbreaking movie. I loved how it ended, though I now want the next one so badly! Help!

LOST is turning out to be one of my favorite shows e.v.e.r. I love that there are so many characters and they’re all so fascinating and intriguing. Gah! It is creepy and scary, but I like it that way. It is different from other things I’m watching.

On May 29th I started Downton Abbey. Hmmm… It is interesting, but I have already seen some inappropriate stuff and I’m only on the third episode.

Have any of you seen any spaghetti westerns? I watched two this month: Joe Kidd and High Plains Drifter. I am loving them! They are so fun! The music, the long instances of silence, the gunfights, the land, it is all so neat.

I also saw this movie called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. That was interesting, really interesting. I watched it in Chinese with English subtitles. And what a strange ending.

G. Paige

11 thoughts on “Monthly High Points: May

  1. My sister and I love Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! It was kind of weird the first time we watched it, but then after several more viewings, it becomes a great movie. The second one that Netflix made is a fun movie too.


  2. WHOA you read a LOT this month. XD I managed to get in eight books, I think. I’M READING THE LUNAR CHRONICLES THOUGH AND I REALLY LIKE THEM SO YAY. XD Unwind has been on my TBR for a looonnngggg time, so I should probably get around to reading that….


    • Thanks! Well, I am kinda done with school (except for some science experiments) so it gave me more reading time. Eight books is good!

      THE LUNAR CHRONICLES ARE SO GOOD! I’M SO GLAD THAT YOU LIKE THEM. *screaming in the background*

      YOU MUST READ UNWIND! I wrote a review for it and it is probably one of the longest ones I have done. It is so interesting.


  3. Wow. How can you read THIRTEEN books in one month? I only read seven, and I can’t imagine reading more… So yeah, good job to you 🙂
    The Lunar Chronicles… Ahh, such great books. Although, I’m on like the seven chapter of Cress, so I haven’t read all of them. I actually tried reading Stars Above, but at one point it just steered straight towards a bedroom scene. And personally, I don’t like to read those. So I DNF’d it. Maybe some day I’ll pick it back up.
    PERCY JACKSON I LOVE THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS THEYRE AWESOME BOOKS. Although, something in The House of Hades is totally unnecessary to the story line and I’m like, really Riordan, really???
    My sister read the Winners Curse, and I really really really want to, but I have like forty-four books on my TBR list for this summer…. So yeah. Let’s see how many books I get done 😉
    I LOVED Civil War. And I’m so glad… wait, I can’t say that. Well, I loved it and the ending left me wanting more Avengers!! (I just love Captain America *squeal*)
    Yaaas Twenty Øne Piløts!! I’m trying to memorize all the rapping parts, too, like in Fairly Local (my fave) Joseph (that’s his name right?) raps four lines kinda fast, so I’m trying to memorize those.
    And I haven’t seen Downton Abbey or Lost (although my parents watch them). Every time my grandpa comes, he always turns on old westerns, and I usually watch them with him.

    (I JUST realized how long this comment is… Yeah, sorry bout that)


      • I am so glad to see such a long comment! YAY!!!

        Two of those books were really short poems by Edgar Allan Poe so it’s more like eleven books. 🙂 But I kind of finished school so it gave me more time.

        I love The Lunar Chronicles so much! *hugs all the characters* I read Fairest and I have a review on here that might have info if there is anything bad in it. *tries to remember* I got nervous when it went to the bedroom scene too though I don’t think anything bad happened. My review might help.

        Yeah, I kind of know what happens in House of Hades. I can’t believe that was put in a book for kids. Ugh! But I must have it soon because it can end with Percy and Annabeth like that! AGH!!!!!

        I get having a lot on your TBR list… I just pick whatever I feel interested in reading at the moment.

        Civil War!! *squeals* I’m totally #teamcap! I totally loved Steve and Bucky in this one. Black Panther was great too!

        Twenty One Pilots! I’ve been addicted since November, I think. Fairly Local is a great song! I love them all!

        LOST is really great! But I’m not sure about Downton Abbey…

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      • YASSSS to you’re whole comment :P.
        But yeah, I strongly disagree with House of Hades. I even saw on Rick’s website (someone asked about why he did it on the FAQ) and he said he didn’t originally plan got it, but it “just seemed right”. Ugh. I don’t even.
        Yeasssssssss #teamcap all the WAY!!
        I’ve been addicted to TØP since mid April, so I’m still fairly new. What’s your fave song by them?
        It’s funny, because rill be watching a show, my dad walks in and hrs like, “Oh, that person’s from Lost.” And I’m just like WHY IS EVERYONE IN LOST?? But yeah, it happened a LOT in OUaT. Like, Belle is in Lost, and a few other people too, which I can’t remember.


      • Um, favorite song?! They are all good! But I love “Addict with a Pen”, “Air Catcher”, “Migraine”, “Fake You Out”, “Stressed Out”, and “Message Man” the most (probably). I know that’s a lot.

        I used this link ( to get downloads of song they didn’t published and Tyler Joseph’s self published album! This is my favorite from Tyler’s album:

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  4. Omw, I also just realized I made a huge mistake. I didn’t mean Stars Above. I meant Fairest. I tried to read Fairest, but at one point it steered towards a bedroom scene. Yeah… Haha… Excuse my mistake.


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