Book Review: Alliance (The Paladin Prophecy: Book 2)

Rating: 3/5 stars.

This one fell short of the first book. But that ending?! What? No! I need the next one now!!!

Will West has lost much. So so much. He tries to bury his feelings, but he pushes people away, is silent, and alone. He struggles to understand his mental and physical abilities. But now he must get things together and Awaken. Spending their summer at the Center, an exclusive prep school, Will, Ajay, Nick, Elise, and Brooke explore the area to learn more about the Knights of Charlemagne. The plans and secrets they uncover may lead to the end of the world as we know it.

The characters is probably one of the only things that was pretty good in this book. Will’s abilities expand and grow as he learns to control and understand it. But his love life confused and frustrated me. He had started to have a relationship with Brooke in the last one. But all of the sudden he is also in love with Elise too. What is going on? Also right it the beginning it was mentioned the Brooke had ignored Will for like six months. Then she kisses him and all is better. I don’t get that. Ajay was still great as always, but at sometimes it seemed he was a bit too scared and over dramatic about it. Nick was his funny, kind of dumb, self. Without him, the Alliance would get very gloomy. His loyalty to his friends is something you wouldn’t expect from the way he acts. Elise is probably my second favorite character after will. Her abilities are so out of this world! She is strong and fearless and…somehow deeply in love with Will now. Brooke felt a bit flat at the beginning, but towards the end she felt more herself.

The pacing off balanced me. The first chapter starts four months later after the last book. Then the next chapter skips three months. There it started to smooth out. It went on well from there, but I didn’t care for the plot. For about two-thirds of it, it felt like some sort of quest. It was interesting, but I didn’t see the need for how long it went on. It also didn’t feel like it fit right with this kind of story. But the whole book was still very exciting. And that last third was much more interesting. So many mysteries were revealed. Something shocking happened that I had never even thought of. Then the ending! Woah. That was a great cliffhanger.

There was some language. A few words here and there. Some characters were spying on something and this woman shows up naked. One of the characters makes a comment that he wasn’t looking at her face.

It wasn’t the best of books storywise. But I will continue on with the last book and hope that it improves a bit. If you like an action filled book with superpowers and humor, go read it. It is still turning out to be a pretty good series.

-G. Paige