5 Reasons Why You Should See Gladiator

5 Reasons WhyYou Should SeeGladiator

Okay, so here is my first fun and random Saturday post! I’m going to call these posts ‘Smashing Saturdays’! Fun, right? 😉 (I randomly found the word in the dictionary and liked it.) I’m so excited to do this! So let’s get started!

I saw the movie Gladiator almost two weeks ago. I had been wanting to see it for a long time. Mainly because one author had said that it had inspired her amazing books that I loved. The longer I had to wait to watch it, the more excited I was to see it. So when I finally got the chance, Dad and I watched it and IT WAS AMAZING. Definitely one of my top favorite movies. Just wow.

So, for those of you who haven’t seen Gladiator, here’s my top reasons why you should see it Gladiator. And you must see it. I insist.

Or I will come to your house, strap you to your couch, and make you watch it.

Reason #1: Gladiators

*dramatic music* So surprised, right? It’s not as if you can tell that there are gladiators in this movie from the title.

Gladiators, I mean gladiators. I know that it was a terrible occupation. No one wanted to be a gladiator. But everyone loved watching gladiators’ battle. It’s really disgusting to think about. But there is such a story to each gladiator, a story full of strife. So doesn’t the word just give you chills and thrill all at the same time?

The actual gladiator battles in this movie were gripping and so so so exciting. There was a lot of blood spilt. It felt like a slaughter at times, but these gladiators were just trying to survive. They were just…AGH!

Yes, I like gladiators. There needs to be more stories on gladiators. *plans to write a novel about a gladiator*

Reason #2: Ancient Rome

I think Ancient Rome is one of my favorite eras of history. I know so many horrible things went on in that time (maybe that’s why I like it), but there’s something about it that I’m drawn to. Maybe it’s the togas. Or the The Colosseum. Or the Caesars. Or the Roman Senate. Or just the story of how Rome became such a vast empire and then fell. Nothing is or was like the Roman Empire. It is one of a kind.

Reason #3: Russell Crowe

Okay, so I haven’t seen many movies with him in it. But in the ones that I have seen, he has always played his part well. Just watch the movie Robin Hood to see what I mean (It’s another favorite of mine.). So I’ve really begun to like him as an actor. He’s just great.

Reason #4: Epic Battles

There’s gladiator battles, and then there’s battles with Roman legions and calvary and everything! It was very very intense. And very bloody. And so gripping!

Reason #5: Because You Need a Movie That Will Rip Your Heart to Shreds

ALL THE FEELS. I don’t cry at all for anything like movies or books, but this had me very close to tears. It was moving. It was about people who made bad decisions and tried to fix them too late. It was about people who were betrayed. People trying to do what was right for Rome, for the people.

It ended in such a fantastic and tragic way. I won’t give you any spoilers, I promise. But just ACK! How could a movie do this to me! No way! It was perfect though, at the same time. The ending fits the story and made it so much more impressive. I loved it so much!

Just one more gif. I couldn’t help myself.

So here ends my rant about Gladiator. What did you think? Have you seen this movie? Are there other reasons that you love Gladiator? Have you not? Then go see it right now!

-G. Paige


17 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should See Gladiator

  1. Well we already had a discussion on how awesome this movie is. But yes, I love it for all of the above reasons. The story itself is just so gripping. I love Russel Crowe because of this movie. 🙂


  2. I think the story was pretty good, but…it was just way too violent for me personally. I’m too squeamish. I watched it with my eyes closed. LOTR is my limit. Which is why I won’t watch war movies. 😛 Maybe it’s because I don’t have any brothers.


    • I understand. It was definitely very violent. I’m not squeamish about that sort of thing, so it was fine for me, but I could see how others couldn’t watch it.

      I have brothers, but they’re all way too young to watch this movie. I think Dad influenced my taste in movies. 😆


  3. OH MY WORD I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!! I LOVE everything you listed… It’s one of the slightly strange obsessions of mine. For real, gladiators and Ancient Rome hit such a sweet spot for me! <3<3<3


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