Book Review: Forbidden (The Books of Mortals: Book 1)

10791807Rating: 3/5 stars.

I did enjoy this book, don’t get me wrong. But I had a few problems with it and I was in a major reading slump. But let’s move on.

Humanity has been stripped of it’s emotions, all except for one: fear. The world is at peace, but is it really peace when humans no longer have what makes them human? But it is all about to change. Rom is given vial of blood that, once consumed, has the power to give the person back all the original emotions people use to have. The message that came with the vial will lead him and others on a quest to bring true life back to all of humanity. But can so few accomplish so much? Rom is suddenly thrust in a world he never knew of. One of love and hope, but also hatred and sadness.

I have to say that the characters felt a little flat to me. I didn’t connect to them as well. I think Saric (one of the “bad guys”) was the most interesting. Rom, is the average kind of young man in that world. He isn’t poor, but he isn’t rich. He only knows fear. It is interesting to see how he reacts to having other emotions. He is brave, risking himself before others. He is reckless sometimes, but smart. And he really worries about those he loves, at least, when he got the emotions to do that. Avra, is…small. She is that person that is usually timid and quiet, but love motivates her to do brave and dangerous things. Triphon is the soldier. He’s energetic and bold. He ready to do anything, well, he thinks he is. Neah is a rule follower, she’s scared more than anyone else.  She is such a rule follower that she makes some very bad decisions. And it “kills” her. Feya is strong. She follows the truth with a dedication that is unreal. Her life is changed and she is probably braver than anyone else in this book.

So I definitely can’t say that this plot was boring. It was very fast paced and exciting. But there were a few things in the plot that had me a bit frustrated. The beginning was a little cliche to me. Also, Rom made a few decisions at the beginning that got the story moving. It was the right decisions, but there was no reason or point to back up the decisions. It seemed quite random and accidental. To me, it made the character seem very foolish. After that, the story moved pretty smoothly. There were a few times that characters got out of dangerous situations too easily, but otherwise it was swell.

There was a lot of violence, and it was very bloody in some cases. Just a caution for younger people. Saric, spent time with consorts and treated them terribly. It was mentioned, but never described or shown.

In the end, I’ll continue this series. I wasn’t too into it, but I’ll blame some of that on being in a reading slump. And for its faults, it still was a good book. I’d recommend this to older teens for some of the content, but it wasn’t that bad at all.

-G. Paige


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    • I’d say to still try some of his books. This book was written by him and Tosca Lee. So maybe that was the problem. I’m not sure. I need to try one that only he had written.

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  1. Ohhh! My brother read these books, and he REALLY liked them. I’m a bit skeptical with Dekker’s books. I haven’t read any, I’ve thought about reading some though. But now I’m even more unsure.


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