Book Review: The Wishsong of Shannara (The Shannara Trilogy: Book 3)

the-wishsong-of-shannaraRating: 4/5 stars.

Well, I don’t think that any of these books fully lived up to the first book in the trilogy. Or maybe it’s just at the time I’m reading them. 

The Ildatch has been found. The one thing behind all the evil and dark magic in the world. Now it has brought the Mord Wraiths who will bring down the destruction of all mankind. Allanon, protector of the Races, has come to Brin. Her magic, known as the wishsong, may be the only power that can help him destroy the Ildatch once and for all. So off they go, to save the world. But Jair finds out that their mission is doomed to fail unless he helps them. He leaves his home and the world he knows to find Brin and save her if he can. But the only way that he’ll even have a chance to reach her is if he gets some help. Will any help him? Will he save her in time? Or will he be too late?

The characters. There seems to be a trend in these books. And that is the fact that there are a wide cast of characters. We have Brin Ohmsford who is quiet, calm, and collected. She knows reason and is stubborn to stick to it. She is brave, but not without fear. Her younger brother, Jair, is also stubborn. He has temper and isn’t at all afraid to speak his mind. He won’t back away from something he disagrees with. Jair wants to help, even if it endangers himself. Brin and Jair have a bond that is stronger than anything else. Rone Leah is a close friend to Brin. Well, he’s more that that to her. He’s her protector. He cares about her so much. Rone is headstrong and more likely to get himself killed that Brin herself. Slanter is a Gnome, but at the same time he’s not. He pretends not to care about anything, but he does. He is tough, hard, and cold, but that’s all for show. Garet Jax is a man with only one purpose in life. Only one that satisfies him. He’s a mystery. Quiet and quick, you’d never see him coming. He doesn’t talk much, and definitely not about his past. Elb Foraker is as much of a Dwarf as a Dwarf can be. He believes in Jair’s mission and is willing to help him, but he the Dwarves do come first if he can help them. He’s a natural leader, if need be. Edain Elessedil is young, but willing to sacrifice himself to save the world. He’s smart and caring. Helt is a sort of father figure. Not much is known of him. He’s thoughtful and big and strong. Then, of course, there is the Druid, Allanon. He will always be my favorite characters. He keeps many secrets, but feels it is his duty to do so. We see a bit more into him in the book. I was so happy about that. He is like a coming storm, just waiting to unleash its fury. He does not play games. He acts as though he needs no one and really cares for no one, but that’s not true. He does care, but doesn’t want to show it. He needs someone to truly care for him.

The plot was for the most part pretty fast. There were parts that were slow, but not a lot. I enjoyed it. The danger levels was high. The battles were heart stopping. The terror was real. Many people died, but a good many survived. There were parts that I wanted to scream in agony over. There was the plot twisting ending (which I have come to expect from this author). I kind of guessed it, but still loved seeing it played out. It was really good.

The writing style reminds me of The Lord of the Rings, but it is much easier to read and stay focused on. I’m not totally sure why, but it is. There were a few times that I was confused by the way they described the landscape or a certain setting. I couldn’t picture it for some reason, but I didn’t let it bother me.

I didn’t notice any bad content. There is a lot of violence and it is quite creepy, but that was fine. There were a few kisses, but nothing else in that category. I will say that this series does dwell on magic (dark magic and good magic) and such things like that.

I really did love this book. I just wished it hadn’t taken me so long to read. I hope to read more by this author soon.

-G. Paige