Are You Confident?


Sorry about missing last Friday’s post! I will say that this time it wasn’t my own laziness or procrastinator-ness (That’s a word, right?). It was because power went out on the WHOLE island of Puerto Rico. There was an explosion at the power plant and then everyone’s power went out. That happened Wednesday afternoon. We didn’t get power until Friday morning. Then it cut out for like four hours in the afternoon until it finally came on for good. Though because of what’s happened, I’ve heard reports that Puerto Rico will have random blackouts for the next THREE months. So, yeah, I didn’t skip a post purposely.

I…am not a confident person. Maybe I seem confident on here and the other social media sites that I spend time on. But I’m not. No way. And the times when I try to be confident…I usually end up feeling like I’m making a fool of myself.

That’s just me and my personality, but it is not a disability. It’s not like I can’t be confident; it’s just that it is hard for me to be confident. That’s why I can’t let that stop me from being confident. God calls us to be confident.

2 Corinthians 5:8

Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord.

There’s no “you can be confident, but you don’t have to”. There’s no choice, you need to be confident.

Anyways, it is kind of hard to be a Christian if you’re not at least a little bit confident. It takes a lot of faith to believe in Christ. It also takes confidence. Why would you believe in God if you didn’t have any confidence in what you are believing in? That would make no sense.

So I guess we could all say that we’re all at least a little bit confident. But would that confidence break, when faced with suffering? I wonder about that for myself, a lot. It’s not a question that can be easily answered. Actually, it can’t really be answered until we face suffering.

Being confident then, is an important part of being a Christian. But how? How can we be confident?

Well, I think you first have to figure out what your unconfident about. Or, maybe for better words, what your uncomfortable with. What’s the stuff that you’re afraid of?

For me, I think my lack of confidence rests in my lack of confidence in myself. It could be anything at any time: my writing (with my own creative writing for my books or my papers I right for school), my schoolwork, etc. etc. Sometimes, I don’t feel very confident in my blogging even. Then there will be those “dark” times where I wonder, am I really a Christian? It happens. There are times in my life where I feel so insecure.

But I can’t rely on myself, I will fail. I am not reliable. I’m just a sinful human being. The one and only God is the only person I can truly rely on because He will never fail me. And He will never fail you either.

So whatever it is, whatever is holding you back, you don’t let it control you. Pray to God. Let Him help you overcome it. If that means stepping out of your comfort zone, then that’s what you have to do. You might be scared, but you won’t be doing it on your own. God will be with you.

If you can trust in Him, He’ll give you all the confidence that you’ll ever need.

-G. Paige

10 thoughts on “Are You Confident?

  1. This was a really interesting post and made me think! I always thought believing in God was an act of deep faith over confidence…but I guess you’re right. 😉 It does require confidence to stick to your beliefs no matter what. Good on you for all these resolutions to be more confident. 😀
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • Thanks! Yes, I only just realized (kind of while I was writing this post) that it takes faith and some confidence. Thank you for dropping by over here! 😀


  2. Gahhh, I love this so much. I am basically the most insecure person to ever exist (and I hate myself for it -.-) so this hit really close to my heart. Thank you, Gabriela! ❤


    • No, thank you!!! That is so encouraging to hear! So I’m not the only one…

      This is something really random, but I was just JUST commenting on one of your blog posts! XD


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