Book Review: Unsouled (Unwind Dystology: Book 3)

unsouledRating: 5/5 stars.

What. Is. This???!!!!! It felt like just a chapter, a chapter, out of a book. It wasn’t enough. I need more. I DESPERATELY NEED MORE. Where is the next one???

Connor’s failed. The storm erupted and he thought that he was prepared. But it all blew up in his face. He was betrayed. Now, of the hundreds of AWOL Unwinds that he was leader of, he is in charge of no one. Hundreds were captured by The National Juvenile Authority preparing to be unwound. The few that had survived the fight are scattered to the winds. He has no plan. Nothing to turn to. Until some information leads him to go find an old woman who may be able to give him information that can help him bring down The Unwind Accord that made the world like this in the first place. Lev’s along for the ride with Connor. But he’s not sure if this is where he is meant to be. All he knows is, if the opportunity arises, he may leave Connor to fight the war against unwinding in his own way. Freed from her captors by the most unexpected person, she is on the run just like in the beginning. But she has no destination. She wants to find Connor, but she has no way of contacting him. Cam, the first person made from unwind parts. He wants to take down Proactive Citizenry, the group that started unwinding. He wants Risa’s love. And there’s nothing that is going to stop him from getting it.

Betrayal has made Conner unsure of himself. He won’t ever trust people that easily again. He feels like such a failure. It’s all his fault that those AWOL Unwinds were captured. And now he can do nothing about it. Slowly, Connor feels himself slipping back into his old habits, bad habits. More and more easily he is losing his self-control. He doesn’t want to become that person. Lev saved Connor, but he feels that he has no place in Connor’s new mission. He’s against unwinding, but he doesn’t think it is his place to fight unwinding the way Connor. So he makes decisions, for good or bad. We’ll have to see how they turn out. Not much is shown of Risa in this book. She had tried to save the AWOL Unwinds by pretending to support unwinding. But that failed and most of them were captured. She’s on the run with no destination. She makes unexpected friends. But she can’t stay with them for any amount of a long time. Cam, man is he such an interesting character. I can never tell what side he is going to be on. In a way, he wants to fight unwinding and seems pretty great. But there are other times where I’m almost scared of him. He has such a strong, unnatural love for Risa that he’s willing to kill Connor to have her. It’s a bit creepy.

The plot. Oh my goodness the plot. It was so good. So many things happened and I’m struggling to figure out how this can all turn out well. GAH! I know this book is part of a series, but the ending didn’t feel like an end to a book. If you know what I mean??? It makes sense because I found out that the author had planned on making this the last book of the series, but he split it in two. So I understand why I feel like it left me hanging (which is fine, but now I need the next one so badly).

The writing is great. I love how switches between points of view. There’s no order to it. The chapters have no average length. Some are long; some are super short. And I just love it. Surprisingly, it isn’t hard to keep track of the characters. It flows very well in its own chaotic sort of way.

Again, there was some language. I think about the same as the last book. It’s not often, but it is not very sparse. Those of you sensitive to language might not like this, but I wouldn’t say that it was overtly horrible. It’s just a warning. There is also this time these boys meet Risa in a dark alley. It seems like it may get bad, but she escapes them quickly. There is violence, but I find not very descriptive at all. One time this character is stuck watching coyotes eating a dead man, but again it wasn’t described much. I just would caution younger readers.

Go read this series! Even if you don’t like dystopian, try this. You may end up changing your mind. Just read it and drown in all the pain and agony. It is so amazing.

-G. Paige