Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Harry Potter: Book 8)

harry-potter-and-the-cursed-childRating: 5/5 stars.

Wow. To enter this world once again was absolutely amazing. AAAHHHHH!!! It was also great to get that “Harry Potter” feel. I loved it, and wasn’t disappointed at all.

It’s been nineteen years since Harry Potter defeated Voldemort. But just because Voldemort’s gone, doesn’t mean life doesn’t have its problems. Now Harry’s a hard workings employee of the Ministry of Magic, while being a husband to Ginny and a father to three kids. Even worse, something from the past has come back to haunt him. Albus wishes Harry wasn’t his dad. He hates the weight of his father’s legacy placed upon him. He’s tired of being compared to his father. He wants to be his own person. So when there’s a chance to fix past mistakes, to do something great, he takes it, without knowing that he may just destroy the world as he knows it.

The characters were amazing. I loved how they added new characters, but the original characters didn’t fade into the background but still played a main part. There are some things from the past that Harry still hasn’t let go of. Now what he has always feared may be coming true. Meanwhile, he’s also struggling to be a father. He has no example to follow and he fears he may be doing everything wrong. Ginny, faithful Ginny, is by Harry’s side.Though she’s not afraid to tell him where he has gone wrong, even if he doesn’t want to hear it. She fears for him, for what may be happening to him. No one thinks much of Albus. He’s not like his father and that disappoints people. So he keeps to himself and pushes everyone away, that is, everyone except Scorpius. Scorpius is disliked by everyone, not because of what he’s done, but because of who his parents are and who his parents are rumored to be. He’s alone in the world, until he meets Albus. He’s the only friend he has and he’s willing to do anything for him. Delphi becomes an unexpected friend of Albus and Scorpius. She smart and very talented. She wants to help them, but what’s her reasons for it?

The plot was interesting and very different for the “normal” Harry Potter. I can see why some people would not like it. It seriously wouldn’t have worked in a normal Harry Potter book, but for a play it was fantastic. Amazing plot twists were everywhere. Ah, it was so intense! There was one or two dangerous situations that were unrealistically gotten out of, but I think that’s normal for plays. Magic and time-travel, played big parts in this book, which I very much enjoyed. There were sweet friendships. There was the growth in a father and son relationship. That is something that you don’t see in many books in today’s time so I really loved it. By all that I’ve listed, you can accurately guess that all of it was awesome.

To make dynamic characters for a play is really really hard, especially when it is in book form. Let’s just throw it out there: plays aren’t meant to be in book form. But this play was so well written. I didn’t have to see the play to feel for these characters or to get the plot or the setting. I was sucked into it right from the start. That takes some sort of skill. So let’s just say that I was really impressed. The writing was incredible.

This was a pretty clean book, there might have been a little language. Of course, it is a bit heavy on the magic, but it’s Harry Potter. So that’s normal. But if you’re not into that, I wouldn’t recommend this to you.

Overall, I can say that I loved this book. It was very Harry Potter and very very special. So to all Harry Potter fans, go read this! I think it was a great addition to the Harry Potter series. I just wish that there were more…

-G. Paige

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  1. I have a confession: I read 40 pages into it and couldn’t do it anymore. And I’ve read the original series like four times. I love Harry Potter.

    …but I could see where things were going and quite enjoyed the status quo at the end of book seven. Perhaps someday, but perhaps I’ll just read the synopsis on wiki *blushes*


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