Book Review: UnDivided (Unwind Dystology: Book 4)


Rating: 5/5 stars.

I AM BLOWN AWAY. Absolutely blown away. I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS ENDING. There are no words to describe what an incredible conclusion this was.

Conner now has physical evidence that could change the world forever. Something that could stop all the unwinding. If only he can survive long enough to work how to reveal it to the world which may not be possible seeing as Nelson, the juvey cop Connor shot so long ago, is after him for revenge and he has found a way to track him down, to the spot. Risa is finally with Connor, for real this time. They don’t have to pretend to be with each other, because now it’s true. But she’s found things that she will never be able to relate with Connor. And she’s not sure that she can agree with all the decisions that he makes. But she’ll stand by his side no matter what. Lev is hoping to get the ArĂ¡pache tribe to openly accept kids trying to escape from being unwound. But it that doesn’t work, he has a more deadly plan that could shock the world into seeing unwinding for what it truly is: murder. He’s willing to make any sacrifice, if it will make a difference. Back with Proactive Citizenry, Cam is almost perfect at being the kid that they want him to be. Almost, sometimes frustration gets the best of him. But Proactive Citizenry doesn’t trust him anymore, and it is only a matter of time before they cut him off, like a dead branch on a tree.

Oh my… I love these characters so much. And so many things happen to them in this book. SO MANY THINGS. Conner, oh Conner, he becomes braver than ever before. He says things that he never had the courage to say before. He makes some hard decisions. Decisions that maybe no one will understand. He goes through things that he had hoped would never happen. He changes a lot, but somethings will always be the same. Risa, she is just so great. Not much happens with her in this book than I would’ve liked, but it worked out well. It felt more natural and real. She goes through heartbreak that no one should have to deal with. She stays strong through it all. And she will stand by her friends’ sides no matter what happens, no matter what torture she must face. Then there’s Lev, I was so surprised by what he went through. I did not expect what happened to him. Not at all. He is probably the person who changed the most in this series. He acts so much older than he is. He’s no longer the unassuming child that he was. Lev is ready to change the world, through any means necessary. He’s wants to make a statement. A statement that will shock the world. Cam decided to save his friends, even if he didn’t like all of them. He doesn’t change too much in this book, but something has happened that has changed him forever. He’s bolder. And he’s smarter than anyone would ever guess. He plays a main part in the ending of this book.

Again, great writing. It’s unique and a bit awkward at first, since it is not a normal writing style (Unless you think third person in present tense is normal.). I just really enjoy it.

The plot was that most amazing thing ever. Secondary characters played important parts. There was so much intensity. So much danger. So much heartbreak. I was about crying twice. It was about so incredible and I love it so much. It was different too. There wasn’t like this one big climatic ending. It was more realistic. It was all these small these small incidents that combined that became something bigger together. I loved that! It wasn’t the classic type of ending. But it was still just as satisfying. And there was still enough things left off that there could be a bit more.

There was some language. About the same as some of the other books in this series. It also did some characters’ point of views as they were being unwound and that could be a bit disconcerting for some. It was pretty violent too. Maybe more violent than some of the other books. So for those who don’t like much of that, they might not enjoy this.

OH MY GOODNESS. THIS IS JUST ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES EVER!!!!! I’m terribly upset that the series is mostly over, but it was a fantastic series. And I wasn’t disappointed. Not at all. Just go read this series. I have no words to truly portray how amazing this was.

-G. Paige