Book Review: Golden Son (The Red Rising Trilogy: Book 2)

golden-sonRating: 5/5 stars.

I can’t recover from this. I am in so much shock right now. I had expected this book to end bad, very bad even. BUT NOT THAT BAD. That was absolutely horrible. It may just be the worst ending ever. It has devastated me.

Darrow has infiltrated the Golds, by becoming a Gold. He slowly makes his way up the Gold ranks, only to bring them down from the inside. But the Golds are more ruthless and surprising than he first took them for. So he must be more careful and more surprising. He earns more respect, more of a impressive reputation. He makes friends with Golds. He pretends to be friends with other Golds. He makes arrangements with those that he cannot fully trust. But is there any Gold that he can trust? No, he has keep everyone at bay, for no one can get too close, no one can know the truth. But when the time is right, everyone will know. As he is sucked into the politics, battles, and power of Gold society, he must remember what he came to do. He must remember why he is here. He must remember to live for more.

Darrow. Oh my precious Darrow. The pain and tragedy he goes through is beyond compare. He becomes more of a leader which entails more consequences, more responsibilities. He tries to walk the fine line of having friends, but pushing them away from getting too close. He trusts sometimes. And other times he pulls away. Then he fails, drastically. But he’s only human. And that is the beauty of it. More and more deaths are placed on his head. He’ll never be free of the guilt. He becomes stronger, harder. Roque is one of my favorites. It is a good friend to Darrow. A very good friend. He’s a poet, which separates him from many of the Golds he is around. He really cares. He really loves. He really trusts. He’s open with Darrow. He wants Darrow to trust him, but Darrow just keeps pulling away from him. And he keeps secrets from him and it breaks him on the inside. Roque just doesn’t understand. Sevro is another favorite. He’s nasty in ways, especially with his language. But Darrow has found a true friend in him. He’s small, and seems like a young boy in ways. But he’s braver than most. And he is the most loyal person that Darrow has ever had. Sevro would willingly die for Darrow. Mustang is so conflicted. She loves Darrow, but Darrow pushes her away. She won’t stand for this sort of treatment for long. She becomes a politician, even if she is the sort of person who would hate that sort of thing. She doesn’t like to waste time. She’s smarter than anyone thinks. Mustang is kind, but she is also a fighter with a temper, even if it doesn’t appear often.

The author has once again proved how good he is at world building. I love how the author adds in all the technology, and it just fits in perfectly without being at all confusing. And this one certainly has a lot more technology. There are cities with so many futuristic elements. There are space battles, which must, of course, contain spaceships. The spaceships were so cool. I can not get over them. Seeing other planets was really cool. But I think one of the most complex things about the world building was the Gold society. Or their hierarchy. It was so interesting and unique. All the details were so complicated, yet not overwhelming (Well, maybe just a tiny bit, but that’s the perfect excuse to read this book again.).

I LOVED THIS PLOT. There were politics, which are not the sort of politics that you are thinking of. There were spectacular duels. They were so deadly. There were battles with so much strategizing. And there were even more space battles. THE SPACE BATTLES WERE GLORIOUS. It was all glorious. I could hardly stand how intense it was. It was so amazing. The betrayals were like stabs in the chest. By that I mean I have been shattered into a million pieces. Then there were shocking revelations. SHOCKING, I TELL YOU.

I love the writing style so much. It is so beautiful. So gripping. I love the feeling it gives off. That feeling of vengeance, of justice, of light, and of darkness. It is an epic feeling. It is so powerful and moving.

There was a lot of language again. Words like p***, b******, s***, and others were common. Again, there were these “dancers” at these club/bar places. Darrow was actually led to a back room to spend time with someone at one of these places. That didn’t happen thankfully. There was one love scene where the two take off their clothes, but it didn’t even last a full page. And it wasn’t very descriptive. There is this man who has a very strange love for Darrow, so after a traumatic moment, he kisses him. I don’t really understand it. There is a lot of violence and death. I don’t feel like it is overtly descriptive, but it is descriptive enough. There is a lot of blood everywhere sort of thing.

But overall, it was absolutely amazing. I just can’t get it across how truly amazing it is. It blows my mind in so many ways. Its ending was so terrifying. But I loved it at the same time. I feel so inspired because of the epicness of it all. This is a most precious book. Don’t hesitate at the chance to read it.

-G. Paige