Finding Joy During the Craziness of Christmas


Sorry guys. I was supposed to post Friday, but I was very busy and tired so I didn’t get to it. Well, here I am now with a post. After this, I’m probably going to take about a week break to relax and catch up on all the books. 😉



It’s that time of year again.

The time where families come together to eat great food, give each other gifts, and just enjoy each others’ company.

But most importantly, it is a specific time set aside to celebrate the birth of Christ, God’s Son.

And I think we sometimes miss this point in between all the traveling and business of the Christmas season. We get so caught up in the rush of shopping, planning, cleaning, decorating, etc. that we miss the big point of it all.

But let’s just take moment and think about it. Really think about it.

Can you even begin to imagine what it was like for the people before Christ came?

For those who believed in the one and only true God, all they had was the Old Testment, containing the prophecies that Christ would come.

All they had was hope.

Hope that there truly was a Savior who would come down and save them from themselves. They didn’t have idea of when he would come, only that he would. That takes faith, doesn’t it?

Though they imagined him coming in a much different way than he did. They thought he would be born as a prince, who would bring them out of their captivity to the Romans. Someone who would become their king.

Not as a baby who was born and put in a manger (what the donkeys and other animals eat out of) because there was no other place for him. Not as the Savior who would bring them out of their captivity to their sin. Not as the Savior who would die to accomplish this.

Because their expectations were so out of proportion with what truly happened, many of the people who met Jesus didn’t believe that he was the Son of God. They had expectations that Jesus didn’t fulfill. But Jesus fulfilled the only expectations that he needed to fulfill: those of the prophecies concerning him in the Old Testament. But many of the people were blind to that. They saw only what they wanted to see.

But for those who saw the truth, can you imagine how mind blowing it was? It’s hard to imagine, seeing as we can easily take for granted who Jesus was, since we have the whole story. But they didn’t. What they saw was the hope that they had held on to for hundreds of years was finally being realized.

Their hope, their dream, was coming true.

Can you imagine the joy that gave them when they realized that? Unimaginable joy. Joy beyond compare.

All the hope placed in Jesus, now became joy that he had come.

Joy that we should still have.

But instead we lose that joy in all the business of this season. Or, in many ways, we take it for granted.

The joy of the birth of God’s Son can not be treated this way. We have to hold on to it through all the chaos of life.

We were given this great gift: God’s one and only Son.

Let’s find joy in this, this Christmas season.

-G. Paige


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  1. Oh, how I LOVED this, Gabs!! 😀 This was filled with peace, and brought to mind the truth that while things may be wild, Christmas will always be the season of peace! ❤
    Big hugs, and merry Christmas my friend! (:


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