Finding Fulfillment

findingfulfillmentAh…the new year has begun. How did it start for you?

Did your new year get off to a good start? Do you feel pumped to tackle on this year? Or did it start of not so well? Or do you just feel exhausted from the craziness of the Christmas season?

I have to say that I’ve just felt exhausted from the Christmas season. And I think too many late nights and early mornings are finally catching up to me. But I have also felt excited and pumped about this new year. Who knows what is going to happen this year? The possibilities are endless. But I have a good feeling about this year.

But this is also that time of year where many people get disappointed over last year’s resolutions that weren’t fulfilled. It is that time where new resolutions are made, many of which probably won’t be fulfilled.

What I’m hear to say is that we don’t need to find fulfillment in resolutions that we make. I won’t say that the fulfillment you get from accomplishing goals and resolutions isn’t fantastic, because it certainly is. I absolutely love that feeling of accomplishment. It is so thrilling. That feeling of completion is wonderful. When I have that feeling, my day is made.

But sometimes those goals and resolutions aren’t completed. We don’t finish them. We fail. And it makes us feel horrible. In some cases, we hate ourselves for that failure. It brings us down.

This isn’t right at all. We can’t let ourselves feel fulfilled only when we complete our goals. Nor can we let ourselves feel horrible because we didn’t complete our goals.

Our lives aren’t ruled by our accomplishments.

Nor are they ruled by our failures.

Our lives are ruled by God. And it is in God that we can all the fulfillment that we will ever need.

And God’s fulfillment doesn’t just fade away over time. It’s there. All around you. In you. His fulfillment will last forever. It will never leave you.

None of our accomplishments, none of our completed goals, none of our completed resolutions will ever fully give us the fulfillment we desire. It just won’t. Those things are all worldly things. They don’t last. They won’t be there in Heaven.

But God. His ever sustaining love. His son’s painful sacrifice. He gives us the fulfillment that we need.

Jesus’ sacrifice frees us from the bondage of sin, from our failure. His grace, his willingness to die for us, frees us from our sin. It is this that gives us fulfillment. Fulfillment that will last forever, past death.

So go ahead and making those goals and resolutions. They can be helpful and quite motivating. But don’t let yourself be pulled down by not completing them. And don’t set your goals or resolutions for something that is just too high to possibly reach. It is good to have challenges, but it is not helpful if it overwhelms you.

So I hoped that your new year started great! I wish you the best for this year and I hope to see you around here.

-G. Paige

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