Book Review: Destroy (The Blades of Acktar: Book 3.5)

destroyRating: 5/5 stars.

GAH!!! I did not expect the amount of emotions that I would get from this book. The feels were so good.

Prince Keevan has spent most of his younger years following in his older brother’s, Aengus’s, footsteps. He’s spent time getting drunk and “having fun” with some maids. His father never punished him. Only when his uncle shows him the reality of his sins does he begin to understand the consequences that his choices could have, only then does he start to feel the guilt of what he’s done. He’s glad that he will never have to rule, because he is not fit to rule, he’s weak. Adelaide is a scullery maid in Nagar Castle. She’s heard the rumors about the older princes. She’s scared, but determined to never get caught alone with either of them. She could never imagine herself being anything more than what she already is: a scullery maid, like her ancestors before her. But on a night of blood shed that tears the kingdom apart, their world changes forever.

Keevan, oh how my view has changed of him. I remember finding him interesting and creepy, but I hated some of the choices he made. Now I understand him. So while I may not have liked some of the decisions he made, I understand where he came from and why he made those decisions. It makes so much more sense now. He’s made mistakes. He want to grow, to learn, and to trust, but his guilt and fear holds him back. He doesn’t think that he can be the man he needs to be to lead. His struggle is so painful, mentally. Adelaide was so sweet. She thinks so little of herself. She can’t stand blood. She is not a healer. She’s not very helpful in any of those areas useful for a war. But she is always ready to help, even those whom she doesn’t like at all. She has a lot of determination and a willing heart. To me, I will say she felt a tiny bit flat, but it was barely noticeable since I was so engrossed in the story. I loved their relationship. The way they talked to each was so sweet.

I was swept into this wonderful world right from the start. This story covers from before the first book until right after the third book, so it was very fast paced. It jumped a couple years or less about three or four times. That made it a tiny bit choppy, but there was no way to smooth it out any more than the author did unless it was made into a full novel. So it was a great surprise to see how smooth this actually was.

The plot was pretty intense and so fast. I knew a lot of what was going to happen, since the book does cover some of the same areas that the other books did, but it was really exciting to see it from a different point of view. So knowing some of the plot didn’t take that much away from the story for me. There were a couple battles, but I thought the most intense parts was everything that led up to the battles. All that stress and worry over so many important decisions that had to made was intense.

This was a great short story. One of the best short stories I’ve read, in fact. I wish that it was longer just because I love this series so much, but it worked perfectly the way that it was. I just can’t wait for the next book!

-G. Paige