Finding Worth in God’s Creation

findingworthingodscreationAh, I literally have no idea what to write. I know that there are so many things that I could write about, but those ideas just haven’t hit me yet. So…I’m just going to rabble on in hopes of finding something meaningful to say, to follow my heart wherever God leads it.

I’ve talked so much lately about how fallen our world is. How broken it is. How sinful. And while it is the truth, it’s not the whole truth. There is so much more too it. So. Much. More.

This world, as messed up as it is, is a beautiful place.

It is a land full of animals. Animals like the elephants, the kangaroos, the horses, etc. Have you ever wondered how certain animals can be so strong? So fast? So smart?

It is a place full of sea creatures. Sea creatures like the whales, the squids, the coral, etc. Have you ever really thought about how amazing it is that these creatures breath underwater?

It is a universe full of beasts that fly. Beasts like the storks, the eagles, the vultures, etc. Have you ever imagined how incredible it is that beasts, that are heavier than the air, fly?

And this isn’t even the half of it. It is even more astounding to know that Earth is perfectly, perfectly situated from the Sun. If it was any closer or farther away, we’d burn up or freeze to death.

Probably the most spectacular thing is us. We are so complex, so intricate. It’s impossible to suppose that we could have been created by accident. There are so many different and separate parts that make up who we are.

But the most important part is that we are made in God’s image. Nothing was made in the way that we are made. No. Nothing. We are the only things that God created in His own image.

And there’s something so beautiful in that.

And there’s a point to be made in that.

It shows how much we are loved by God.

It shows how much He cares for us.

It shows how much we are worth to Him.

As for everything else that God created, God created for us. He made everything for His pleasure, but also for our pleasure.

Through the stars, the plants, the creatures, and through the very earth beneath us, all around us, we can see God’s hand that created. It is a beautiful, but powerful, reminder. It is something that we can’t escape from because it is all around us. All things have been created by God.

And we need this reminder sometimes. We need to remember the beauty that’s in the world. The beauty that God created for us.

We need to remember the love, the care, and the worth that God sees in us. We are created in God’s own image. We are worth so much to God that He sacrificed His own son to save our imperfect lives.

That is something that we rest in peace in. Something that we can find everlasting identity in.

To know that God loves us and finds us worth so much is the most beautiful thing that we can’t even begin to comprehend.

But we can try anyways.

-G. Paige






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