Book Review: Firefight (The Reckoners: Book 2)

bookreviewfirefightRating: 5/5 stars.

Whoa… That was a big plot twist ending. I am so glad that I had the next book on hand. I didn’t expect that. Not at all…but it was really epic. And it was so terrifying and painful.

Steelheart is dead. Newcago is free. But this is not the end. New Epics could come into the city and try to take the place that Steelheart held. It won’t be the end until they can defeat all the Epics, if that is even possible. David believes it is. But something more persistent is happening. Someone knows who the Professor really is, and is targeting him. Someone from Babilar, which used to be called New York City. So the Prof, Tia, and David go to Babilar with plans to find out the truth. But David has other reasons to go. Ones that involve finding a Epic known as Firefight. To find this Epic, he is ready to risk everything.

Oh, these characters. Some of them have drastically changed…or maybe not so much changed as they have become more real, more themselves, as secrets hidden have been revealed. Man, some of them came as a surprise. There’s David, who is absolutely hilarious. What he calls his great metaphors (which are really similes), are an absolute joke. And it’s perfect. He gets a little more serious, a little more focused, in this one. He has his own agendas that other people on the team don’t see eye to eye with him. The Prof intrigues me more and more. He’s such a controversial character. He does some good things. Then he does some bad things for good reasons. He’s secretive and closed off. He seems to open up a little more in this one, but then he seems to get colder at the same time. Tia is great. I really wish that there was more of her. She has this relationship with the Prof that isn’t shown enough. She is the smarts behind all the operations and she definitely isn’t appreciated enough. Mizzy is a spunky and fun girl. She doesn’t seem to be sad or scared very often. She’s smart with mechanical things and definitely knows how to shoot. She brings a lot of liveliness to the group.

This one has some really good world building. We begin to more fully understand what this world is really like now that the Epics have come. At the beginning, this book is set in Newcago. But the team, or some of the team, travels to another city. One known as Manhattan, now called Babylon Restored. This was a very unique city. You can definitely that the author was very inventive with this one. The waters have risen, so that people must use boats to get from building to building. Plants have sprung up from all over the place. Then there is this thing about stuff glowing…but I’ll let you find that out for yourself.

The plot was a little slower at the beginning, but it quickly sped up and was soon way more intense than the last book. There was so much more mystery and intrigue in this one. I have so many questions, and the end didn’t begin to answer them! There were epic fight scenes that made my heart race. There were fights between characters that are on the same side. There was just so much tension. Agh! It was hard to read at points.

The only thing that I’ve disliked about this, which is not so much of a dislike as it is a complaint because it could be better, is the writing style. It is overtly simple. In my opinion, it’s too simple. It just seems kind of childish. I get that this book is for a younger audience, but the writing could’ve been a little better and still for a younger audience.

This series is pretty clean. David’s thoughts sometimes go off as he thinks about what he would like to do with his friend Megan, but it doesn’t get overtly inappropriate. I do wish that it wasn’t there. It’s just not really necessary. There is also language, but it that made up language which makes my feel better about it. Other than that, there’s violence and death, but it is not like gore so it only depends on how much violence you can handle.

Overall, I really loved this one. It is a little slower paced than the last one…that is, until the ending. Then it became crazily intense!

-G. Paige

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    • I’d say about 13 or 14 and up! They’re really good, I’m just not sure they’re for 10 year olds. But I’d recommend you trying them and seeing for yourself. 🙂


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