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I was tagged by Benita Prins for this award months and months ago. But I am only now just getting to it. Thank you for the tag!

1.) Who is your favourite actor/actress and why?

One. Only one. This is like impossible. I like Russell Crowe, Tom Hardy, Hugh Jackman, Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, David Tennant, and Benedict Cumberbatch. And that is how far I can narrow it down.

2.) How many languages do you speak well enough to hold a conversation?

HAHAHAHAHA….. I live in Puerto Rico. I am taking my first year of Spanish. I “think” that I could hold a conversation in Spanish. Maybe.

3.) What is the last book you read that you couldn’t put down?

Can I count manga? Because I have been pretty much reading manga nonstop since around January I think. It had become an obsession of mine. The one that I’m reading right now that I just can not stop reading is D.Gray-Man. Like seriously, I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. I am having to tear myself away from it just to write this post. Be proud of me.

4.) What is one genre that you would never read?

The LGBT genre. I just don’t agreed with it and don’t picture myself every reading books with that sort of thing in it.

5.) Do you have any unique quirks?

Does listening to The Ben Shapiro Show while working out count? Ever since Aimee mentioned doing it, I’ve started to do it. It is so fun.

But I’ve also been known to listen to Hamilton and the audio version of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum while on a run. I’m weird like that.

6.) What’s the best book-to-movie adaptation you’ve ever seen?

I’d have to say Ender’s Game or The Giver. Though they are both different from their books, respectively. I liked the movie versions almost as much as the books, but just for different reasons.

7.) Do you like maps?

YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. I LOVE MAPS. I want maps in all the books that I write. I want maps in all the books that I read. They are so helpful and can be really pretty.

8.) How often do you write by hand compared to typing?

Well, as of this year I’ve tried to commit myself to journaling about every three days or less. I haven’t always stayed at that pace, but most of the time I have.

9.) Which author’s books can you never resist picking up?

You are just really trying to make this hard for me, aren’t you? That’s kind of hard, I like a lot of authors…but I’ll narrow it down to at least three. 😉 Jaye L. Knight. Neal Shusterman. Brandon Sanderson. I haven’t read all of their books, but I have a good feeling that any book that I read by them I’ll love.

10.) What is your favourite letter of the alphabet?

Hmmm… I think the letter “R” is pretty cool. There is something unique and menacing about it.

11.) How much chocolate do you consume on a weekly basis?

Maybe about a fistful of chocolate a week? It really depends on what is in the kitchen.


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Now here are your eleven questions!

What is your favorite drink? 

Where is your favorite place to write?

What time of day do you get the most inspiration to write? 

Name one book or movie or tv show that has inspired you to write.

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what? 

What is something you love to do? (Besides reading or writing.)

What is the most recent book that you bought? 

If you could have any kind of pet, what would you have? 

If you could visit a world in a book, which world would you choose?

You are trapped in a prison cell, which book character would you like to save you? 

What is the most recent book that has brought you to tears? (Or almost has.)

-G. Paige


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  1. It’s so cool that you love in Puerto Rico!

    I agree that the LGBT genre of books is kinda just weird!

    LOL Edgar Allan Poe while working out! That’s hilarious XD


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