Monthly High Points: April


Well, as you can see, I failed at blogging this week. I intended to try to write at least a post a week, but I have found that I have great procrastination skills. Hahaha… I didn’t think that I was so good at that.

Life has been crazy though. For about seven days (not including the weekend), I was stuck watching two of my siblings all day long until my dad got home from work. My mom and my other two siblings had left to visit family. And let me tell you…I HAVE NEVER SO APPRECIATED MY MOM IN MY WHOLE LIFE. It wasn’t too hard most of the time, but somedays I was just so done and exhausted. There were so many things that I wanted to do that just didn’t happen because of it (Surprisingly, I managed to finish my goal of writing for each day most of the days.). I learned to be okay with it, even if I didn’t like it or I felt guilty about it. Sometimes you just really need to take a break to collapse and watch tv shows until midnight. But yeah. I would just like to tell you to take some time to appreciate your mom this week. Sometimes, we forget how much work our moms do for us.

Then, relatives came to visit us for a week. I had finals for my Spanish class and Constitutional Law class while they were here so that was a bit stressful, but I had plenty of time to do it. And then I spent the rest of the time they were here mostly reading manga and watching anime and procrastinating writing. Surprise. Surprise.

And I just can not say it enough how ready I am for summer.


Writing writing writing writing writing. That was a big thing this month. I, of course, had to participate in CampNaNoWriMo. And I have never had so busy of a month filled with things other than CampNaNoWriMo. Wow. This month was even crazier than November.

But somehow I wrote 57,194 words, and that’s including the fact that I pretty much wrote like nothing for the last week of April. I don’t even know how that happened. I had a goal to write 2,500 words a day and I got most of the time the first three weeks of April. So I’m pretty happy with. I started this new sci-fi novel. It’s about spaceships, other worlds, a futuristic Samurai-like group, and a runaway boy who knows a dangerous secret. So yeah. I know from what I’ve already written that it is going to need a lot of editing though. I kind of threw the story together in a couple of hours before April began. *cringes* Yeah…


Another month filled with…you guessed it: manga. I’ll get back to reading actually reading books…eventually.

1-6.) Fullmetal Alchemist (Volumes 3-8) by Hiromu Arakawa

This is such a really fun series. The characters are so silly sometimes. But there is also action and mystery and behind-the-scenes plots that keeps it so interesting.

7-20.) Tokyo Ghoul (Volumes 1-14) by Sui Ishida

I read this whole series and just wow. It is extremely violent, almost gore to an extent, but there are so many questions about morals and ethics that these characters deal with that I find so interesting. BUT IT ENDED IN THE ABSOLUTE WORST WAY POSSIBLE. AH!

21-30.) Tokyo Ghoul:re (Volumes 1-10) by Sui Ishida

This series has has a couple of things that have made me a bit uncomfortable. But it is the sequel series to Tokyo Ghoul, so I’ve kept going with it and it seems to be getting better as it goes along.

31.) Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen

I loved this so much. The way the author depicts the culture and traditions and lifestyle of these people living in Kenya is beautiful. I found it so unique. I felt like I was being immersed in a whole new world. It is a way better way of learning about other places than reading a textbook. Her writing style was gorgeous. There were so many lessons to take from this. Some things that I wish I could be a like with these people. It is a slow read, but really really interesting.

32.) Assassination Classroom (Volume 1) by Yūsei Matsui

This is just weird and hilarious. And weird. But I’m intrigued.

33-51.) Blue Exorcist (Volumes 1-19) by Kazue Kato

This one reminds me a bit of D.Gray-Man. It’s about exorcists and demons…and the supposed son of Satan. It’s interesting. I love these characters. Their friendships. The struggles between brothers.

52-53.) Nabari No Ou (Volumes 1-2) by Yuhki Kamatani

I’m pretty confused about what this is about, but is somehow concerns ninja. So it’s great.



Nothing happened here. I was lazy or I was busy. It’s kind of sad. I WON’T REGRET IT THOUGH. People need breaks. And at least I can say that I was writing? Right???


I watched Arrival. Wow. I am so impressed. THAT ENDING THOUGH. I can not believe that I didn’t catch that. Like seriously. I am a writer. I should’ve known. Also, the music was PERFECT. It was so creepy and…silent and loud. It’s hard to explain.

-G. Paige


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  1. Woah! Awesome job on Camp NaNo! I wanted to participate this year, but then things got crazy for me.

    I haven’t seen Arrival yet, but I hear that it’s pretty fantastic. But I’m going to go look up the music now. 😛


    • Thank you! Yeah, I can understand that. It was pretty crazy, but somehow I did it.

      Yes do! The ‘First Encounter’ is probably the best one. It gives you that weird creepy feeling.

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