Do we really need more time?

dowereallyneedmoretimeWow. It’s been forever since I’ve done a post like this. I have never failing to badly at blogging. I only had one post like month. ONE. That has never happened, not at all. 

Oh well. it’s good to take breaks sometimes. We all need to remember that.

Anyways, I have been very busy lately. I’m usually up from 6am to 12am. I’m doing stuff almost all the time. There aren’t many times when I just sit around and do nothing. Even if I’m sitting around, I’m reading or writing or blogging or watching tv or doing some sort of schoolwork. Though sometimes I would really like to do just that. And even with all the time that I have, I still find myself not getting everything that I want to get done. Now, of course, some of that is just pleasure stuff, but I want to do stuff like that too.

I find myself wishing there were more hours in a day. I wish that there was more and more time. I need more time. I always want more time. Though seriously, if I had more time, I would be probably be just collapsing and sleeping.

But do we really need more time?

I hadn’t seriously thought about it, but a friend pointed out to me that there is a reason why we only have a twenty-four hour days and not more or less.

We don’t need more time. God had a specific plan in mind when he made twenty-four hour days. It was specifically designed for us. He had us in mind when he created this world. He knows the past, the present, and the future. He knows exactly what we need. We don’t need more time.

Time is a precious and valuable thing.

We want more of it, but if we had more of it, would that really stop us from wanting more? No. We would always want more. But time is something that none of us have control over. We all have a specified amount of time here that we’ve been given.

But because we don’t have control over it, it makes it all the more precious. We wouldn’t care about it so much if it wasn’t for the fact that we don’t have control over it.

It’s precious. Every second, every minute that passes is time that we can not get back. It is  time that will not ever pass us by again. We should not waste it.

But we should not overdo it, by trying to cram every moment with something to do. The time that we have, is time that God has specifically given to us. What we have, is what God wants us to have. No more. No less. He doesn’t expect us to fill every moment with something. We can only do so much. We can only do as much as we have been made to do.

Take time to rest. Take time to appreciate the time that we have. We don’t need more. What we have has all been a part of God’s plan.

-G. Paige


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