Pride, Humility, and the Cause of Sin

pridehumilityandthecauseofsinHumbleness is not something that comes easily to me. I envy those who can be so humble that it seems like a second nature to them. How can people be like that? It’s a mystery to me. Not that it is impossible to be humble. It isn’t. It’s just…hard for me.

I have to admit it, it’s mainly because of my prideful nature. You probably wouldn’t know it unless I told you, but I’m very prideful. Just the way I think. I criticize and judge those around me so easily. And even though it is all done in my head, it is still pride, it is still sin.

This leads to trouble with admitting to my own sins. I want to blame it on someone else. Anyone else. Admitting that I’m wrong, that I made a mistake, is hard. I don’t like to be wrong. I want to be perfect. I like to think that I am perfect, even when it is clear that I’m not. I think sometimes I strive so hard for perfection that I miss the sin that’s right in front of me. And when I do see it, I don’t want to admit that it’s mine.

It’s one of the reasons why many people like to blame their sins on Adam and Eve. They were the first human beings who sinned. Beforehand, the world was perfect, sinless. It was the way that it was meant to be. But then Eve sinned, and Adam followed her in that sin. Sin entered the world. It essentially, infected the world. The world was perfect no longer. From then, until now, sin has affected this world. It has affected the people and everything else within this world.

We think that this is all Adam and Eve’s fault. If they hadn’t sinned, we surely wouldn’t be living in such a sinful place. In saying this, though, we assume that we wouldn’t have eaten the fruit from the tree. That we wouldn’t have made the exact same decision as them.

But can we really assume that? That we’re stronger than Adam and Eve? They had it all. And they still gave it up to their temptation. They had the perfect life, everything they ever wanted or needed was theirs. God spent time with them. God walked side by side with them. God gave them the will to make their own decisions. How can we claim to be stronger than them?

I once heard it explained this way: Adam and Eve were our representatives. To “represent” means “to stand or act in the place of”. They represented all of humanity. They made the exact same decisions that any one of us would make. This is why we can’t blame the sin of this world on Adam and Eve, because they made the decision that any of us would have made in their place.

So instead of blaming others for our sin, let’s be thankful that Christ has freed us from our sin. We are no longer bound by sin, but we have been set free. Our chains are broken.

I think if we can try to really comprehend that, the fact that only through Christ were we able to be set free from sin, we’ll find it easier to admit to our sins. If we can comprehend that Adam and Eve did the same thing that we would have done, we’ll find it easier to be humble.

-G. Paige