5 Ways In Which I Procrastinate Writing


After missing a whole week of blogging, I am finally back at it. I didn’t have many ideas for today, so I hope that you all enjoy this! Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

1.) Reading

I love to read. Reading and writing are probably two of my most favorite things in the world to do. And many times, they come into conflict. Sometimes, it is so much easier to read than to write. Other times, I can motivate myself to write fast because then I can read. So it can be a good thing, but it is usually a bad thing. I just don’t have the strength to pull myself away from a good book.

2.) TV Shows/Movies

When my parents suggest watching a tv show or a movie in the evenings (aka the time when I am finally getting myself to write), I hardly ever say no. Movies? TV shows? I know that if my parents watch them without me, I probably won’t ever get to watching it (so I must). But that means that I need to write earlier…and it is so much harder to write earlier. *cries*

3.) Music

I love how people can write while listening to music. That is so wonderful. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. I need absolute silence to write (which is quite hard to find in a family of seven). I can not write my fiction novels with music. I either end up writing the lyrics or singing which leads to no writing at all. This is sad. I absolutely love music. My love for music has only grown in recent years. I can say that there are rare occasions where I can write with music. It just has to be soundtrack music or instrumental music or maybe music that I know so well that I can just zone out the words.

4.) Arting

A long time ago, in a country many years ago, I used to do a thing called “art”. Then I stopped doing it. I still loved art, I just didn’t prioritize it so I almost never did it. Recently, I’ve started to get back into it. Mainly, because of manga. Manga just has such a sketchy look to it. It inspired me to draw my own sketches of some of my favorite characters from manga. I love it! I need to just make it more of a priority or it will get shoved behind reading and writing and then never happen.

5.) Food

Because who can live without food? I like to bake, especially cinnamon rolls, pretzel rolls, coffee cake, lemon blueberry pound cake, etc. Literally, just all of the unhealthy food I make. But you only live once, right? Am I right? I LOVE food. Pizza. Ice cream. Homemade rolls with butter melted on top. My mouth is watering right now. It is all fantastic and it is a good excuse to push aside writing.

6.) Social Media

One of the worst procrastinating devices ever created. It is wonderful. You meet so many people. Make so many friends. Laugh over so many things. Fangirl like crazy. And more. But it is terrible too. You go on just to take a “quick look” which turns out to take hours of time. Hours of scrolling through feeds and not writing. I find it more helpful than not, because it can be so inspiring. You can find so many people going through the same type of things which is so encouraging.

Do you procrastinate a lot? What are the ways that you most often procrastinate?

-G. Paige


11 thoughts on “5 Ways In Which I Procrastinate Writing

  1. I almost always write to music, even though it can be distracting. My favorites are normally Hans Zimmer because they’re kind of vague and general- not like Star Wars or something, where the themes are so obvious I can’t think about anything but Anakin- especially Man of Steel, Interstellar, and The Dark Knight.


    • That makes sense! Yeah, if it’s something more vague, I could probably listen to it better while writing. It is so true though! I love that I know so many theme songs, but that means that they’re more distracting! Ugh.

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