Monthly High Points: June & July

monthlyhighpointsjune&julyMyLifeI know that a post like this was supposed to happen awhile ago, but it didn’t. Sorry! Life has been life.

It’s just that summer has finally started and I’m kind of wishing I had school. Just a little, mind you. I’m only interested in doing a couple hours of school a day, but still school.

Why? Because I feel really unproductive in the summer…and it makes me feel guilty. Like really. I don’t have that much going on, but I feel like I barely make it through my some of my daily goals which I used to complete when all my schoolwork! It’s like I suddenly slow down in the summer and I’m slow at everything.

I know that I should enjoy this summer and not worry about being so rushed, because I know I’ll be mad at myself later for wasting all that time feeling guilty and unproductive, but I just can’t find it in myself to do that.

Those words above were for the month of June. Since then, I feel like my life has done a whole 180ยบ on me.

First off, right at the end of June I signed up with an online college program called Lumerit Scholar. That was only the first of many steps I’ve taken since then. Now I have an academic consultation, a few coaching calls, and a couple other calls related to school. Oh, and I started my first college course a few weeks ago!

I’m still struggling to figure out what I want to do with my life and what kind of career choices that I want to make, but I think now I’m starting to get a sense of peace. This sense of trust that God will direct me where He wants me to go, which I hadn’t felt before, or at least not in a long time.ย Writing

In June I wrote pretty consistently, there were some days here and there that I took off, but not that many.

As for July, I participated in CampNaNoWriMo. I started with working on a rewrite of my first book that I ever wrote. I think I started the rewrite around the end of January, but I stopped to start a new novel and such so I hadn’t worked on it in a few months. Unfortunately, the novel was at a point where I really didn’t know where I wanted to go with it. The only thing I knew it that I didn’t want it like the original. I think I worked on it for almost three weeks when it just got too much. It was like pulling teeth. So I stopped working on it and went to working on my fan fiction for Attack on Titan, which is really coming along nicely. I hope to be able to start sharing it on Wattpad soon.


1.) The Iliad by Homer

Wow. I think I enjoyed The Odyssey more, but this was really good.

2.) One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

I finally finished this after over a year…maybe two. I honestly can’t remember. This was so beautifully written and inspiring. I think it had some really thought-provoking things to say.

3-11.) The Betrayal Knows My Name (Volumes 1-9) by Hotaru Odagiri

I really think this manga is cute, but I’m trying to figure out whether it is promoting homosexuality or just close friendships. It’s frustrating.

12-23.) Bungo Stray Dogs (Volumes 1-12) by Kafka Asagiri

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. All the characters names are authors’ names. There people with “gifts”. Some use them for good. Others don’t. There’s a detective agency and there’s a mafia. One of my favorite things about this series though is how well developed the antagonists are. I almost like some of them better than some of the protagonists.

24.) Unsanctioned Eyes by Brianna Merritt

Amazing! It’s a really unique book! I thought that it was really well done.

25-34.) Death Note (Volumes 3-12) by Tsugumi ร•ba

Wow. This was slow and hard to get through at some points, but it was so worth it. The characters were so smart. The plot was so twisty. I love it!

35.) Wolverine: Origin by Paul Jenkins

Well, this was just tragic. I didn’t care for the art, but it was a good story.

36-38.) Nabari No Ou (Volumes 12-14) by Yuhki Kamatani

It was really nice to read. It had one of those good, but sad conclusions.

39-47.) A Bride’s Story (Volumes 1-9) by Kaoru Mori

Oh my goodness, I have never EVER seen such detailed art in manga in my entire life. It is gorgeous. I love how historical it is. It really makes me want to learn more about that time.

48-58.) Karneval (Volumes 1-11) by Touya Mikanagi

This is…weird and crazy, but fun. I really enjoy myself when I’m reading this. Some of the characters are absolutely hilarious.

59-64.) Fullmetal Alchemist (Volumes 10-15) Hiromu Arakawa

The plot is really heating up. There is so much that I still don’t know. I need to know all of the secrets!

65-72.) The Demon Prince of the Momochi House (Volumes 1-8) by Aya Shouoto

THIS IS GOOD. The art is really nice and the storyline is fantastic. It’s the perfect blend of funniness and mysteriousness. I don’t know enough about these characters.

73-75.) Red Raven (Volumes 1-3) by Shinta Fujimoto

MAFIA. MAFIA. MAFIA. That, is the main reason why I’m reading this, but maybe also the main character may or may not be a “bad guy” and so I’m trying to figure that out.

76.) Kamisama Kiss (Volume 1) by Julietta Suzuki

This was so cute and hilarious! It doesn’t really have much of a defined plot yet. I’m excited to see where it goes.

77.) The Case Study of Vanitas (Volume 1) by Jun Mochizuki

It take me very long into this to realize that I’m hooked. It’s set in Paris that has a steampunk flair to it. And there’s vampires. I love it.

78.) Tower of God (Season 1) by SIU

Wow. Really intriguing, but that plot twist ending really hooked me in.

79.) Flow: Stream by Heo Ni-Bi

Interesting. I like the art style, but I wonder where it’s going to go from here.

80.) Orange Marmalade by Seok Woo

I don’t know if there I have been many times where I have shipped two people together so hard, but this was one of those times. This was so adorable and cute!

80.) Where Tangent Meet by instantmiso

This has some of the most cutest romance I have ever seen. It was adorable! ACK!


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With the amount of manhwa that I’ve been reading recently, I’ve been really inspired to write my own comic. I don’t know whether I can even do it. But I think I’m just going to go for it and see what happens. Either way, I’m really excited to give it a try. Maybe at some point you’ll see something about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So…I found out that my two-year blogiversary was on July 11th.

In two years, I’ve gotten 223 followers. This is definitely more than I ever imagined having. Thank you everyone who has followed me and spent time reading my posts. It means a lot to me. *hugs*

-G. Paige


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