Are You Confident?


Sorry about missing last Friday’s post! I will say that this time it wasn’t my own laziness or procrastinator-ness (That’s a word, right?). It was because power went out on the WHOLE island of Puerto Rico. There was an explosion at the power plant and then everyone’s power went out. That happened Wednesday afternoon. We didn’t get power until Friday morning. Then it cut out for like four hours in the afternoon until it finally came on for good. Though because of what’s happened, I’ve heard reports that Puerto Rico will have random blackouts for the next THREE months. So, yeah, I didn’t skip a post purposely.

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Don’t Let Fear Control You

dont-let-fear-control-youWe, are human beings. And whether we like it or not, we are afraid. We live in a world full of fear (It’s full of other things too, but I’m talking about fear.). We may not be so afraid that we’re paranoid. But we are scared. We are frightened.Read More »