Book Review: Siren’s Fury (The Storm Siren Trilogy: Book 2)

imageRating: 5/5 stars.

Woah… That was intense. With such a glorious and momentous ending. There wasn’t too much of a cliffhanger. Thank goodness. But I still want the next book now!

Nym has risked her life to save a country that held her as a slave and outcast. But in the process, she has loss the few things she held most dear. All because of the shape-shifter Draewulf. Then he takes away her abilities and she realizes that she must stop him, at all costs. She follows him on to a airship headed to Bron searching for a way to kill him, while Draewulf has a more sinister plan than she could ever imagine. When Lord Myles offers her an opportunity to get new powers that could destroy him, she must decide whether it is worth the cost of her very soul.

I feel like I flew through this in a daze. It was crazy and intense…and a tiny bit creepy. There was no stop to the amount of emotion contained in this book. I love how it’s told. The similes are absolutely beautiful and made it so real. There was so much suspense and action and just the tense feelings between the characters kept me on the edge of my seat.

In the second book of this trilogy, there are new secondary characters and more characters overall that  were around and played important parts. So it wasn’t as isolated as the previous book, which was very nice. This was great, but I still miss Colin so badly. He just lightened up the page.

There were so many hard decisions made. Ones that blurred the line between right in wrong. It got so twisted. This also made it more dark than the last one, but I loved it and it worked out pretty well.

It was very fun and interesting to see more of this world besides just Faelen. Bron was very advanced in technology from Faelen. I wish that it had been more descriptive of it, but considering what the characters were doing, it was fine.

Overall, this was an amazing book. I can’t wait to get my hands in the next one. How is it going to end? I’m recommending this to older teens who love fantasy. Such a unique read.

-G. Paige

Book Review: The Elfstones of Shannara (The Shannara Trilogy: Book 2)


Rating: 4/5 stars.

Being the second book by this author that I’ve read, it really didn’t disappoint. It was a great tale that was quite different from the first book that was so much like The Lord of the Rings.

For a very long time has the magical tree, known as the Ellcrys, lived, cared for by the elves. The tales of the Ellcrys protecting the world from demons that would destroy it are believed to be myths. Until now. The Ellcrys is dying. Now the Forbidding is crumbling, the demons that were held in captivity for many years are breaking free. The elves must call on the other races to help fend off what could annihilate them all. Meanwhile, Wil Ohmsford and the Elven girl Amberle journey to a dangerous place where Amberle will make the Ellcrys’s seed into a force that will restore the Forbidding and save the world. But a demon who has never failed in a mission to kill someone, is after them and cannot be stopped by any physical means.

This book was great. The book was mainly told from the points of view of Ander Elessedil and Wil Ohmsford besides a few other instances. So I must say it didn’t jump around as much as the first book. Probably my favorite character was Ander, unless you take Allanon into the equation, in which case he is like my absolute favorite. I have a feeling that he will make an appearance in almost every book about Shannara. Anyways, Ander was such a great leader, when he didn’t even want to be one. Wil was pretty good too. He only wanted to be a Healer. Amberle was very stubborn and strong, but also felt very vulnerable. Eretria. I don’t know what to think of her. She was bold, stubborn, and definitely wouldn’t take no for an answer, while also very protective for those she cared about, if they gave her what she wanted. You did not want to get on her bad side. Oh, and I can’t leave out Stee Jans. He was awesome. Such a brave and courageous person who didn’t fear death one bit.

The book didn’t feel as much like The Lord of the Rings, as the first one did. But that doesn’t mean that it was any less good. I think the only problem with it was that I just wasn’t as interested in it for some reason. I’m not exactly sure why, but I wasn’t, though it was still very fast paced and filled with tons of action. Then that ending blew it out of the water. It was fantastic.

I recommend this to fantasy lovers who don’t mind some magic. I can’t wait to read more!

-G. Paige

Book Review: The Exiled Queen (The Seven Realm Series: Book 2)

imageRating: 2/5 stars.

So…this book wasn’t better than the one before it, but was worse. I had high hopes for it, and it totally did not live up to them.

Han Alister has made a bargain with the clans and is now headed to the Mystwerk House at Oden’s Ford with his friend Fire Dancer. There, they will train to be wizards. In exchange for the clans sponsoring his schooling, he will help them fight the Wizard Council. But can Han make it through a war-torn country on the way to Oden’s Ford without being recognized and captured? Princess Raisa ana’Marianna along with her friend Amon Bryne and his triple of cadets are headed to the Wein House at Oden’s Ford. She hopes to be safe from her mother and the High Wizard, while training as a cadet under the alias Rebecca Morley, but she struggles with her feelings for Amon Bryne.

I started this book with much anticipation and a little nervousness. I knew that there was some love situations in the last book and I hoped that it wouldn’t get more into that in the second book. I was more assured by the fact that the situation was very different from the previous book. It failed in that aspect. In the last quarter or so of the book there was a love scene that went beyond kissing. It made me uncomfortable and I was happy when it was abruptly stopped. Another thing was the mention once or twice of a girl and her “girlfriend”. I don’t think that is right. So these are the main reasons I’m not going to read anymore of the series.

Han seemed to repeat the same old decisions again and again. It didn’t feel too repetitive, but it went just over the top. He did something wrong, got found out, and then got in trouble. Han makes a lot of bad decisions, but I still like his streetlord personality. Though because of some decisions he makes later in the book, I’m starting to really not like him. Raisa learned new things and became more of a warrior princess. She got wiser about the world around her. Overall, there wasn’t much character development, unless you count the fact that they got more knowledgeable. But that doesn’t mean wisdom, especially in Han’s case.

Other than the one inappropriate romance scene, the book was pretty good. There wasn’t a lot of action or dangerous situations throughout the book except at the beginning. But there were plenty of interesting facts that kept up my interest and some new intriguing characters that are still left in mystery. Then that ending was a really good mild cliffhanger, but not too terribly exciting.

I’m not recommending this book to anyone. This wasn’t very enjoyable, most of all that last part. I think that it would be better to spend your time on better books than this.

-G. Paige 

Book Review: A Dream Not Imagined


Rating: 5/5 stars.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a short story, but was full of meaning. It’s a perfect light and fun read, while still having a great message embedded in it.

Ellie Abbington’s life is different from any other. She lives under a wealthy father and stepmother along with two stepsisters, serving them as their maid. Cast out from the regular servants because of her higher upbringing while also ignored by the rest of society because of her position as a maid, she is alone. So she dreams of falling in love with a prince and living happily ever after. Will this dream of hers come true? Or is there one that is even better than what she had ever imagined?

I loved the different characters, especially Ellie and Rowen. Rowen was so sweet and fun and such a gentleman all at the same time. Ellie was sweet and felt pretty realistic throughout the story. Oh, and her realization after that twist was really neat. It is something that we could all do to remember.

So…as I said earlier, I loved this book. It was a really start for a new author. At first, this may seem like an everyday Cinderella story. But about halfway through, everything goes array. It was a great plot twist. Even though I was expecting a twist, I still couldn’t very guess what it was or how it was going to be solved which made it so much more interesting. I do wish that it had been a bit longer between the plot twist and end, but it probably would’ve felt a bit out of place since it kept the same steady pace throughout the whole book.

I would recommend this to people of all ages, though it is more for younger kids. It is really fun and sweet with a great message.

-G. Paige 

Book Review: Storm Siren (The Storm Siren Trilogy: Book 1)

imageRating: 5/5 stars.

Somebody help me. I knew that there was going to be a cliffhanger ending, but I was still not prepared. Not at all prepared for that shocking and horrifyingly thrilling ending.

Nymia is a seventeen year slave surviving in a country ridden by war. She is an Elemental, which means she shouldn’t even exist for Elementals are always born male and slaughtered. She is sold the fifteenth time to a High Council member who is the king’s most trusted advisor. She gives Nym a choice: train to be used as a weapon to win the war or die. Nym makes her choice and is soon training hard alongside another Uathúil under Eogan while at the same time going to parties and pretending to be something she is not. But does she really want to help the country that keeps her enslaved and murders her kind? And how can Eogan calm her down and seemingly block her powers? What is he hiding?

Let me first say that the cover is georgous. Just look at it. I love the blue and the dark look it has to it. I just love the white hair too along with the lightning. So neat! Also, I got a hardback copy of this for Christmas and I love hardback!

I love the way this is told in first person. The similes were beautiful. The emotions felt raw and real. I felt for Nym like I was her. It was really amazing. I really loved Nym, she had done many terrible things in her past and was terribly ashamed of it and felt so guilty. But she wanted to make up for it even if she didn’t believe she could. She knew that she deserved die, but that didn’t mean she wanted to. Nym is a heartbroken character, and that is probably why I liked her so much. Because I’m really more for the male protagonist than the female protagonist.

I do feel like there maybe should have been a few more side characters or a few more names. But it was great with the side characters there were. I was interested in Eogan from the beginning. He has such a secretive side to him that intrigued me. Colin, man, he was so caring and funny. His past was sad, but he didn’t let that bring him down. He was very open about himself. Breck, Colin’s twin sister, felt a little flat. She needed to play more of a part in the book or more of a personality or something. Adora was crazy and a touch creepy, but very interesting. I would like to know how she came to be the way she was.

The book was dark, but didn’t feel at all depressing like a lot of dark books feel. It was definitely was a very intense and suspenseful book with a good bit of action. The romance was very prevalent too, at least in the case of feelings and emotions. Kissing only happened two or three times. There is quite a bit of sadness at the end, but then the ending gives you an overall feeling of shock.

I’d recommend this to people who love fantasy and powers. This is probably best for a older teenager and up, just because of the romance and the sporadic violence.

-G. Paige 

Book Review: Mark of the Thief (Mark of the Thief: Book 1)


Rating: 5/5 stars.

I absolutely loved The Ascendance Trilogy by this author. So when I heard of this book, I was eager to get my hands on it. This book definitely lived up to the standards set by its predecessors.

During Emperor Tacitus’s reign of the Roman Empire, Nic, a slave, is forced down into a sealed cavern, a place full of Julius Caesar’s treasure. He is sent to steal a bulla, an amulet that is believed to be filled with magic given by the gods. Magic, that some people would kill to have. Stealing the bulla for himself, Nic is determined to free himself and his sister from slavery. But instead he gets caught in a power struggle as people race to get him and make him use the magic for their own purposes. Nic is on the run, and he doesn’t know who to trust. There is a conspiracy to overthrow the emperor and start the Praetor War which will tear the empire from the inside. Nic must learn to use the magic within himself to defeat the empire’s ruthless leaders if he is ever to be free and save Rome.

This book was awesome. The plot was was so good. There were so many twists and turns, betrayals, secrets revealed, and more twists that brought it to a very surprising conclusion. Just so you know, you’ll want the next book right away. It was that good. I could’ve read it in one day if I hadn’t started it so late in the day.

I love how this author tells the character’s story. The way she does first person point of view gives this kind of dry humor (that doesn’t sound childish) to the Nic’s personality, while also having this seriousness to it too. It is hard to explain, but I do love it.

Nic was fantastic. Oh my goodness! I loved his humor. The way he cared and worried about his sister was so sweet. Aurelia was a no nonsense type of girl that clashed with Nic’s personality. It was so fun to see Nic change from hating to loving her then back to hating her. She wouldn’t ever want to get on her bad side. General Radulf gives me shivers to think about. He was so twisted and evil.

Those who don’t like talk of Roman gods or the use of magic, probably wouldn’t like this much. It wasn’t anything major to me, so I was fine with it. The magic didn’t feel dark, but felt more like powers. It was really cool.

I’d recommend this to teenagers and older. It was a wonderful fantasy and historical fiction mix of a novel. The next one needs to come out sooner!

-G. Paige

Book Review: Falling Kingdoms (A Falling Kingdoms Novel: Book 1)


Rating: 2/5 stars.

The book had me at the cover. Is it not just amazing and intriguing? Ever since I saw that cover I was itching to read it. The title seemed to forbode of a great plot too. But…let’s just say that this book was a disappointment for me.

The land of Mytica is split into three separate kingdoms: Limeros, Paelsia, and Auranos. Paelsia is in between Limeros and Auranos. Limeros is a mountainous region in the north; Auranos is a warm land filled with green plains. While Auranos is prospering, Limeros and Paelsia are suffering. Princess Cleo of Auranos is witness to a shocking murder that sets things in motion for her kingdom’s collapse. Prince Magnus of Limeros, harboring a dark secret, must carefully gain his father’s trust without becoming like him. Magnus’s sister, Lucia, finds out something about herself that could mean her death if anyone found out. Jonas rebels against Paelsia’s suffering that has been secured by the other countries selfishness. He soon finds himself playing a major part in the revolution of his country.

Sound interesting, does it not? Well, I read this book in two days. That has got to mean something. It does. The plot was really amazing. It was fast paced and exciting. I loved how intense it was. The way the four points of view were weaved together was done so well. That is what really kept me reading.

The uniqueness of the characters was great too. I did for the most part like all the characters, except for the ones you weren’t supposed to like. But Theon was my absolute favorite. Why, oh why, did that have to happen to him?

Anyways, the thing that made me give this a low rating was all the romance. Everyone of the main characters, except Lucia, had some sort of relationship or love interest, in the past or present. Magnus’s dark secret was romance related (I was quite disgusted by it too.). Then you knew that he was doing stuff with a maid. Also, his father had mistresses. Jonas mentioned hanging out with girls and towards the end of the book he got in a relationship with a girl. Cleo was ashamed about a inappropriate love affair with someone from the past. There was also this one character that was drunk all the time. It was really annoying and unnecessary.

So, I wouldn’t recommend anyone reading this. It is really not worth it at all. You would most likely be very disappointed.

-G. Paige

Book Review: The Sword of Shannara (The Shannara Trilogy: Book 1)

Rating: 5/5 stars.

I fell in love with this book from the start. It. was. epic. I mean, epic. I can’t wait to read more by this author!

In a land of Men, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Trolls, mankind, led by the Warlock Lord, revolted against the other races. This led to the First War of the Races and the rebellion was crushed. The Second War of the Races happened less than five hundred years ago. The Elves and Dwarves fought the Gnomes and Rock Trolls who were led by the Warlock Lord. King Jerle Shannara of the Elven people was given a special sword by a Druid to defeat the Warlock Lord. But in the final battle where the Elves and Dwarves fought the Trolls, the Druid and the Warlock Lord disappeared in battle. Now, a giant named Allanon, with strange powers, has come to the Shady Vale to reveal to the half elf Shea that the Warlock Lord is alive and planning to destroy the world. The one weapon that can defeat him is the Sword of Shannara, but only a true heir of Shannara can use it. The fate of the races rests on Shea, the last heir of Shannara.

This book was wonderful. The author really captures fantasy at its best. Terry Brooks really is a student of J.R.R. Tolkien’s. You can tell from how much he pulls from Tolkien’s works. It has quite the same epic fantasy feel to it as The Lord of the Rings. But, it was much easier to read and understand. Also, it was went along at a faster pace.

I loved all the characters of the company. The mysterious Allanon, the natural born leader Balinor, the Dwarf strategist Hendel, the Elven brothers’ Durin and Dayel, the reckless Menion, and, the always faithful brother to Shea, Flick. Every one of them was so special for different reasons. There were many other characters that I knew for only a short amount of time, but I felt like I knew everything about them. They were all so well developed.

The plot was amazing and fantastically thrilling. My nerves were on edge so many times throughout the book. A few times I stopped reading and yelled, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” while laughing. Even more so, I stopped to squeal and think, “I’m going to die if these characters don’t figure a way out of this situation.”. Then there were other times that I felt ready to cry.

Other than that, I will say that there was a good bit of magic and sorcery involved, though for the most part it was portrayed as an evil thing. This is not a Christian author. This book was great, I just don’t know how the rest of his books are going to be.

I recommend this to older teens and adults, especially all those Tolkien fans out there. It was a bit bloody, so I wouldn’t give this to younger kids. So come on and read it!

-G. Paige

Book Review: The Demon King (The Seven Realms Series: Book 1)


Rating: 4/5 stars.

So, I should probably rate this like one star lower than I did, but I really liked it. There was just a few issues.

Former streetlord of the Raggers, Han Alister has lived all his life with strange silver cuffs around his wrists. Why won’t anyone tell him why they are there? Why can’t they come off? Then one day, he finds three young wizards burning the sacred mountain of Hanalea. He takes away their amulet. From then on, bad luck seems to follow. Soldiers are after him for past crimes and now murders that he didn’t commit. The wizards are after him for taking the amulet. Will he ever be safe again? Princess Raisa ana’Marianna has just come home from three years of freedom with her father’s family. Now she must get back into dresses and everything else involved with being a princess. Her name day is soon. Then she’ll be eligible for suitors. But will her mother let her make her own decisions or will she be forced into an early marriage with someone she doesn’t love?

This was very good. There was so many unknowns I couldn’t always guess what was going to happen. Quite a few plot twists surprised me. I loved it. The world was filled with magic, so if you don’t like that kind of thing, you probably wouldn’t like this. It was a cool place. It mentioned so many things that were going on outside of Han and Raisa’s world. That was really cool, because it gave you a great perspective of the world around them.

I loved Han. He had guts to do some crazy stuff. He was great. He had a interesting past too. I knew there was something special about him from the start. Raisa, I like and don’t like. I love her spunk and how she seems to win all the arguments she has with her friends. But I didn’t like how she kissed about every boy she knew. It almost got inappropriate at points. Han has a relationship with a girl too towards the end of the book. But the kissing between them only happened once or twice.

One other thing that made me feel a bit uncomfortable, was when there was this ceremony this man had to go to. Some people mixed blood and water and then had him drank it.  But when he drunk it, it tasted like wine. It wasn’t drawn out and was over quickly. Still though, drinking blood? That is just plain yuck.

Overall, I’d recommend this to older teens and adults who want a fast paced and exciting fantasy book. But you have to be very comfortable with magic to enjoy it.

-G. Paige

BLOG TOUR-Book Review: Deny (The Blades of Acktar: Book 2)

Hey everyone! Here is another post for the blog tour for Deny!!! Today, I have a book review for you all. I hope you guys enjoy this! I certainly am!!!

Author Bio:

imageTricia Mingerink is a twenty-something, book-loving, horse-riding country girl. She lives in Michigan with her family and their pack of pets. When she isn’t writing, she can be found pursuing backwoods adventures across the country.

You can connect with her on Facebook, PinterestGoodreadsTwitter, Instagram, her blog.

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imageMy Review:

Rating: 5/5 stars.

No. No. No. It could not have just ended like that. No way! I need the next book now! Alright, let me just say that this book was totally and utterly incredible.

Leith Torren has now been promoted to First Blade from Third Blade. Now he must be more careful, because King Respen will have an closer eye on him. He is in even more danger than he ever was before. How long will these lies hold? How long will it be before he trips up? For Renna Faythe, it has been a long time since she felt safe. Recently Leith made her feel that way. But now he goes away and puts himself in danger. Will she ever get the courage, that everyone else displays? She feels the need to be something more. But what?

This book was so intense. I mean intense. I pretty much panicked a few times. Scrambled to read more, but from how many pages I had left I knew, I knew, that it wasn’t going to end well. Then for a moment I had hope of a great happy ending. But it was absolutely crushed, though still so amazing. Sometimes books with unhappy endings are the best ones. I think this book fits that category. I did love the ending, but now I have to wait forever before the next on comes out!

Apart from all of that, the book was really well done. It started off right where it left off from the book before. I was sucked in from the beginning. The relationship between Leith and Renna is so sweet and they become closer to each other. Renna grows dramatically in this book. Leith, oh my goodness, is so great. He learns that he can’t save everyone.

The story progresses so fast. There is not a dull moment. Nothing seems to go absolutely right. There is adventure, life threatening danger, fights, and more danger. I wasn’t calm at all while reading this.

This book is for all fantasy lovers. It was so good. I can not tell you enough how good it is.



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-G. Paige