Book Review: Counted Worthy

image.jpegRating: 5/5 stars.

Well, this was certainly not what I was expecting, but it was very very good. Then it made my eyes watery. Let me tell you, ninety-nine percent of the time, I do not cry.

Police trace a illegal Bible to Heather Stone’s house, and her world begins to crumble. Her father is arrested and it’s only a matter of time before he’s killed. Heather has already lost her mother, can she handle losing him too? She doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes. Though if she tries to save him, it could lead her friends into danger and brings about their deaths. Can she evade the police on the lookout for her and win the public’s sympathy to save her dad?

So I wasn’t expecting it to be this way, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was kind of dystopian. The world building was fantastic. It steadily added tidbits of information about the world and the history behind it without dumping a whole load of information at one point.

The characters were great. Heather was really real and I loved everything about her. Then there’s Bryce. I just wanted to give him a hug. He was so sweet and kind and worried so much for Heather. He was like a brother to her, but I think it is going to grow into something more. There were many more characters and I liked how they were introduced. It didn’t feel rushed and you felt like you’ve always known them even if they were only there for a little bit. I do wish that there had been a bit more character development, but it fitted with the pace of the book.

There was a lot of action and suspense with a amazing, and a bit shocking, conclusion. It had such a great message attached to it. I would have liked it at a bit slower pace, but it didn’t feel forced and went smoothly. That ending was just fantastic, I wasn’t expecting it at all. It was realistic, but I didn’t expect it for a fictional book. It made it more enjoyable, if that is the right word for it. Probably not.

I’m recommending this to everyone out there. It was great! Prefect for people who want an easy and fast paced read with a great message. I hope to read more by this author soon!

-G. Paige