What do you find your identity in?

whatdoyoufindyouridentityin.jpgThis year has started off pretty well, I must say. I’ve stuck to my goal to write everyday, except for a day or two that I purposely took off to refresh my brain. I’ve been journaling pretty regularly. I’ve been reading my Bible more often, which ends up being every couple of days (I need to do it everyday.). I’ve even found some time to read, though not as much as I would like (But I don’t think any amount of reading would ever satisfy me fully. The books just keep coming. Hahaha…).Read More »

Guest Post: The Most Impactful Books



Today I am proud to present my first guest post that is actually not for a blog tour. Funny, how I actually haven’t done a guest post like this before. So I’m really happy to give you Madelyn and Joshua from Literary Cafe (Go check out their site, it is really cool.)!!!

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