Book Review: Glass Sword (Red Queen: Book 2)

imageRating: 5/5 stars.

This had a really different setting from the first book. I think I liked the first one a little bit more, but this was still great.

Mare and Cal are on the run. They’re wanted fugitives, framed for murdering the king. But Mare is something special. She is a Red, but she has Silver abilities, abilities to control lightning. She was a weapon once controlled by the royal court, but now part of a rebellion. And she has just learned something that may be key to winning this war: there are more like her. So she and a few others race to find them and ask them to join the rebels, before Maven comes and kills them. But treachery and betrayal have begun to harden her heart. Will she become the monster she fears?

Mare goes through some dark stuff in this book. At times, she seems almost evil and I feel so bad for her. She has learned to not trust anyone, but that is nearly impossible. She is captivating and heartbreaking and maddening all at the same time. I just hope that she doesn’t become the monster that she is starting to believe she is. Cal, I really like. I loved how he developed in this one. He is a soldier, a general, a leader. But now he’s broken and I don’t know where his allegiance lies. I just kept hoping that he’d never betray Mare throughout this book. Maven, oh Maven, where is the man that Mare fell in love with? He has become such and evil and twisted character, but it makes the book all the more intriguing. I’m excited to see how this will end for him. Shade has become a new favorite of mine.  He is much smarter and sneakier than he allows himself to appear to be. Oh, and his ability is so cool. Farley is a lady with a hardened heart, but I think she finally starts to soften up in this one.

This book didn’t have the intrigue that the first one had, but there was still plenty of suspense  and action and thrill. There were more betrayals, which just about killed me. Agh! This really has you always guessing on who to trust. The danger levels were heightened. There were so many moments where I thought: “How can this ever end well?” It scared me. It saddened me. And it was literally electrifying. That ending tore at my heart! Oh no!!!

The writing was just as fantastic as the first one. I love how the author writes first person. It was beautiful.

There were a very few amount of bad words. Some kisses were shared. Two people slept together, but not necessarily out of love, just because. It was implied that two people who had just come from a bedroom together were doing something sexually.

Overall, this was great. It wasn’t as good as the first one, but it was still amazing. Next book come soon!

-G. Paige


Book Review: Red Queen (Red Queen: Book 1)

imageRating: 5/5 stars.

This was great. I loved it so much! I need the next one so badly. The story just can’t be left like that.

Mare Barrow’s world is split into two classes: those with Red blood and those with Silver blood. Reds are commoners and are treated almost as slaves by the Silvers who rule with tyranny over them. Silvers have ruled over them ever since they found that they have superhuman abilities, whereas Reds are normal. Mare is a Red who gets pushed before the king and all the nobles and finds that she has an incredible ability too. To hide that she’s a Red, he proclaims that she’s a lost princess of a dead Silver general and betroths her to one of his sons. While she’s forced to live a lie, she secretly helps a Red rebellion known only as the Scarlet Guard. Only one thing is true: anyone can betray anyone.

This book swept me up into it’s world from the first page. It was a beautiful world to read about. The difference between the Reds lifestyle and the Silvers lifestyle was stark and drastic. It was fantastic world building. I want to know more.

The characters were the best. I loved Mare with all her thieving history and how much she cared for her friends and family. It felt really real. All the men were fun and interesting too. It is hard for me to choose which one I liked best and which one I’d want Mare to be with, but the end of the book kind of made that decision for me. Kilorn was great. I loved his teasing and bickering. Cal was just amazing. He cared, but still put duty first over his feelings and emotions. It was frustrating, but I at times loved him for it. Maven was quiet, but smart and seemed to point his heart in the right direction. There are so many other interesting characters, but I won’t go into talking about everyone.

There was so much intensity in the plot. There was so many jaw dropping plot twists that just kept surprising me. Certainly, this book did not let me go until the end. Though it hurt at points (Oh, the betrayals and secrets!), it was fascinating. I need more! The bit of romance included was sweet, but tough.

I’ll recommend this to older teens who love a beautiful dystopian and fantasy mix. I’m sure you’ll won’t want to miss this!

-G. PaigeĀ