Book Review: With Every Letter (Wings of the Nightingale: Book 1)


Rating: 4/5 stars.

Again, I mainly read this book because the Kindle version was free on Amazon and a friend on Pinterest put it as one of her favorite books. I thought it might be pretty good. I haven’t read hardly any romance books or that much historical fiction. Anyways. With Every Letter turned out to be a beautiful, lovely, heartfelt romance story. I really liked this book. It was so enjoyable.

Set during World War II, this Christian romance novel has a lot of history put into it. Philomela Blake is excited to soon start training as a flight nurse. She will be one of the first women to do so. But she does not want to write an anonymous letter to a man she has never met as part of a morale-building program. Lieutenant Thomas MacGilliver, stationed in North Africa, is ecstatic to be able to have a anonymous correspondence. He’s been running from his name for most of his life. Soon they develop a unique and close (well, as close as one can get with letters) relationship, but they are still too afraid to show who they are. Will they ever get the courage, the strength to reveal themselves?

It took a bit to really get into this book, but I was soon hooked. I really loved the setting of this story. It was such an dangerous time that everyone was affected by. It took a bit to really get into this book, but I was soon hooked. Philomela (Mellie) and Thomas (Tom) were great characters. I really felt for them. Their hardships, their fears, their joy, their anger, it was so realistic. And the war, it felt so real and there. Very close to the end, I felt like the romance went a little over the top for a moment, but it wasn’t terrible. There was also some strong Christian elements that added to the story in a good way.

Those who love a pretty clean romance story that has some strong Christian themes, I’d highly recommend this book to them. It was a refreshing read.

-G. Paige