Book Review: Winter (The Lunar Chronicles: Book 4)

Winter_CoverRating: 5/5 stars.

Oh my word! This was a great conclusion to The Lunar Chronicles! I loved it!!! I want more by this author.

Cinder, Wolfe, Thorne, and Cress have a plan to get on Luna, but things go wrong when they land. Soon they’re split up all over Luna and they must find a way to get to people of Luna to side with Cinder if they’re ever going to have any chance of defeating Levana. Meanwhile Winter, the stepdaughter of Levana, has depised Levana for years. She is in love with Jacin, a palace guard who has been her friend all her life. If she gets the chance, she wants to help Cinder overthrow Levana, but Levana might kill her first.

Winter and Jacin are now like my top favorite characters (just behind Cinder and Kai). Winter was kind, sweet, in love, and had this quiet funniness to her. She was also going crazy and it was so sad and messed up. I just wanted to comfort her. Thank goodness Jacin was there for her. He was so willing to do anything for Winter. I mean anything, even turn against friends to keep Winter safe. He worried about her so much. Cinder kind of stole the spotlight in this book. She developed very much in this one. Kai, oh my, he went through some hard stuff. He had so many burdens to carry and worry about. Scarlet and Wolfe were together for such a small amount of time. Cress and Throne’s relationship developed pretty quickly towards the end. I love each of them and there personalities! Oh, and don’t forget about Iko! She brings so much fun to the book.

This was amazing and a little complex. I loved every moment. It jumped between many points of view, but it never got confusing. It was intense, frightening at times (Oh the worry I go through for fictional characters.), and shocking. The violence was very high at the battle scenes. It got quite bloody and gory in those scenes, but it was beautiful in its own way. The romance got a little intense towards the end but there were only kisses.

Everyone who loves dystopian and science fiction and fantasy needs to read this series! It was amazing and I hope to read everything by this author!

-G. Paige