Book Review: Railsea


Rating: 4/5 stars.

Wow. This was one of the most bizarre books that I have ever read. I’m serious. I have never read something so weird and intriguing and just plain strange. But I really enjoyed it.Read More »


Book Review: Goliath (The Leviathan Trilogy: Book 3)

Rating: 5/5 stars.

This book took me the longest to read out of the whole trilogy. But, oh my goodness, it had the perfect ending!!!

In this book, major things happen. Don’t worry, I won’t give out any spoilers. Most of what I say about the book can be found on the back cover. The great airship, the Leviathan, gets orders to pick up a interesting passenger in Russia, while Alex and Deryn are abroad. This smart (Maybe mad?) scientist claims to have a weapon called Goliath that can end this war. But is he on the Clankers’ side or the Beasties’ side? While completing this task, Alex finally finds out about Deryn’s secret(s): that Deryn is a girl and is falling for Alex. With the crown, true love (With a commoner!!!), and the destruction of cities on the line, what will Alex do next? What will he choose to do?

As earlier said, this book took me the longest to read of the whole trilogy. But…I  was more busy with other things than when I was reading the other two, but that doesn’t mean that this book wasn’t as good as the others. It was still a great book and, I’ll say it again, it ended just perfectly!!! This series was so so good. It’s so sad to know that I’m now finished with this wonderful series. I love how they author changes from Deryn’s point of view to Alex’s point of view (though sometimes I do wish that it was just Alex’s point of view because he’s my top favorite character. Goliath is so fast-paced with many surprises popping up here and there. One of my favorite things (that is also a change from the earlier books) is that there is finally a bit of romance and it is so sweet!

So…after all that, I would just like to say: read it (especially those who love fiction). It a fabulous, fast-paced journey that you won’t regret the time spent on it.

-G. Paige

Book Review: Behemoth (The Leviathan Trilogy: Book 2)

Rating: 5/5 stars.

I gobbled this book up in about three days!!! It was great. I am really excited and interested to see how this trilogy ends. So much has happened since the end of Leviathan.

The First Lord of the Admiralty has “borrowed” the Osman and its companion (known only as the Behemoth) from The Ottoman Empire. To keep the peace between England and The Ottoman Empire so that The Ottoman Empire doesn’t join Germany’s (the Clankers’) side in the war, Dr. Barlow is taking fabricated eggs to the Sultan. After arriving in Istanbul, disaster strikes and all does not go according to plan. Soon, Deryn is stuck with Alek in Istanbul, fleeing from Ottoman soldiers which are led by Germans. Teaming up with allies, will Deryn and Alek be able to keep The Ottoman Empire out of this war?

This book was fabulous! There were quite a few scenes the book skipped that were mentioned as something that happened or was going to happen. It wasn’t any REALLY significant scenes and they were probably taken out for the sake of the way story was being told (or maybe because they didn’t want the book too long or maybe to keep it fast-paced), but still…it bothered me just a bit. It would’ve been fine if it had just happened once or twice, but it happened a few times too many for my liking.

Besides that, this book was thrilling awesome! I enjoyed every bit of it and am excited to read last book. It was very fast-paced and full of dangerous situations. This is such a cool, different series and I’m really intrigued to see how it ends.

I’d recommend this to anyone who has read Leviathan (of course) and those who want something loosely (very loosely, mind you) based on World War 1. This is turning out to be an amazing series.

-G. Paige

Book Review: Leviathan (The Leviathan Trilogy: Book 1)


Rating: 5/5 stars.

I started this book because of a friend I have met on Goodreads, Katie (blogger of A Writer’s Faith), who read it and gave it five stars. That got me interested and then I got the book from the library for free to keep (that’s another story). 

So, this was a fantastic book! What a roller-coaster! I’ve never read anything like it (I guess you would consider it steampunk). It was so different from other fiction books I have read.

On June 28, 1914, Alek’s parents are murdered. Now forced to flee with only a few loyal men and a fighting machine, Alek is a prince turned fugitive. Deryn, a girl, pretends to be a boy to become a soldier in the British Air Service. She must protect her secret and keep her oath to the Air Service and King George. Later, they are thrown together aboard the great airship named the Leviathan. Though fighting together for the moment, their homelands are on opposing sides. It’s Britain’s fabricated beasts against German’s steam-powered war machines.

One of the things that made me love the book was how different it was from other books I’ve read. The setting is at the beginning of World War 1 but Mr. Westerfeld changed quite a few things. Britain, through Charles Darwin, has learned to take DNA from different species and create new species for war. German and Austria-Hungary have created very advanced war machines. It’s beastie versus clanker.

So, it is not a very Christian novel, but what can you expect? Not every book is going to meet your standards. It was still a pretty appropriate book, in this case. I will say that there is some language and, of course, plenty of action and violence. It was quite a entertaining book. The excitement, the creatures, the machines, the danger, the battles, the mysteries, the secrets, and more made it so interesting and fun. It’s such a fast page-turner. I can’t wait to get the next one!!!

I’d recommend this to anyone who loves fiction and a bit of World War 1 history mixed in. You’ll enjoy it.

-G. Paige