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Hello my friends! I apologize for not being around here very much lately. BUT I AM HERE NOW. And that has to count for something, am I right?

Anyways, I am here to present to you a very special book that I recently finished. This book is called The Blood Race. It will release to the world on August 1st and I suggest that you get your copy as soon as it is available. Please read on to find out why.

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Book Description: 

He’s spent his life running from who he is. She’s been trying to escape her past for 100 years…

Born with unexplainable abilities he struggles to control, college student Ion tries desperately to integrate into his new school and finally put his dark past behind him. But after making a serious enemy, which leads to an accidental rendezvous with the mysterious old man next door— and his hauntingly beautiful but troubled young protégée Hawk, Ion realizes his life will never be normal again.

Late one evening, Hawk drags him by the hand into a closet-turned-rabbit-hole to an extra dimension, and Ion finds himself stumbling involuntarily into a secret society of training for “anomalies,” teenagers with a special set of abilities. Just like him.

As they train to become Protectors of future Earth, battling each other as well as their own demons, both Ion and Hawk begin to realize that they are far more alike than they realized. Unsettlingly so.

When the Dimension is shaken by an unthinkable betrayal, will an ancient prophecy bring Hawk and Ion together—or will a deadly threat hidden in plain sight cost them both their powers… and their lives?

Author Bio:

profile-imgWhen she’s not hermiting away in her colorfully-painted home office writing her next science fiction, passionate story-teller and adventurer Kate Emmons is probably on the road for a surf or hiking trip, listening to vinyls, or going for a power run.

Emmons’ debut novel The Blood Race is the first book in her YA science fiction/fantasy thriller series.

The novel follows main character Ion, a troubled teen with unusual powers which he struggles to keep concealed. Through a series of strange occurrences, and a run-in with Hawk, the beautiful, mysterious, yet savage girl next door, Ion involuntarily stumbles headlong into an extra dimension—a secret reality that’s been hidden since the beginning of time; one that was made especially to protect and train teenagers with the abilities he possesses—”anomalies”. A secret place of intense training, hidden from humanity and created to defeat a rising darkness which a prophecy declares could swallow future earth.

Emmons lives in the often-snowy hills of rugged Vermont with her husband and dog named Rocket.

You can learn more about her and her book at her website, where you can also connect to her blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

My Review: 

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Wow. I’m impressed. Very impressed. I can safely say that this was a book unlike anything that I have ever read. It was something totally different and unique. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. THAT ENDING THOUGH. That must be one of the more traumatic endings that I’ve read. I needed the next book like yesterday.

Ion is not the typical college student that he tries to be. He has abilities that he doesn’t understand and can’t control. Abilities that are deadly for those who come into contact with them. An accident brings him into contact with a mysterious girl who leads him to this otherworldly place known only as the Dimension. There, he begins to learn about his abilities and what they mean, but he is also plagued by more questions. But there is a darkness coming, one that is wrought with betrayal and deception. Who can be trusted? Who can be counted upon? Will they survive what’s coming?

These characters I connected with so well. They were so dynamic. There’s Ion who tries so hard to be normal. He tries and fails. Over and over again. He’s running from his past. He’s running from who he is. He just wants a normal life, but he’s finding harder and harder to get. When he finally begins to learn the truth, his life is forever changed. He is thrilled, excited even, to begin this new journey, but he finds himself making so many mistakes. Then there’s Hawk. I have to say that there are not many female main characters that I like in books. I always find myself liking the male main characters better. But Hawk was one of those female characters that I love. She’s searching for herself. She wants to know who she really is, but her past haunts her. She feels empty inside. Something of herself is missing. She’s broken. Her life is anything but normal, but it becomes even less so when Ion enters her life. She tries to be a teacher, a mentor, but finds herself failing in every respect. Fin. He must be one of my favorite side characters ever. I want to learn more about him. He’s kind and caring. He’s always ready to help in any capacity. He’ll be supportive, but he’ll also tell the truth that no one wants to hear. He’s not afraid to do what he can to help those he cares about. He’s wiling to make sacrifices that most people can’t make. Sensei is another character that I just have to learn more about. He’s a mentor in every respect. He isn’t surprised by anything, or at least he doesn’t show it. When asked a question, he never gives a straight and direct answer. He may give part of an answer or none at all. More likely, he will give you an answer that will half to be figured out, like pieces of a puzzle. He appears differently in everyone’s eyes, literally. He seems to have a plan that only he knows the entirety of. No one knows who he really is. I believe that there is more to him than meets the eye.

The writing style was rich in that it pulled you in from the start by just telling you a great story. There was nothing special or exotic about it, but there didn’t need to be. I found that everything felt so real written just the way it was. It was fantastic!

The world building was spectacular! Ack! This was one of the best things about this book. It was so different from the normal stories about people with abilities. It was like a breath of fresh air. The Dimension. The normal world. People with unique abilities. People without. The Prophesy and what is means. It’s all rather confusing and mysterious, but I think that is it partly supposed to be that way.

The plot was interesting. I found it a little hard to follow. It wasn’t very direct. I never knew what was going to happen next or where the whole of the book was leading to. It at times frustrated me and at other times it thrilled me. In my opinion, the plot wasn’t really fast paced (except for at some intense and crazy scenes), but it definitely wasn’t slow paced. It was a good in between. There was a really good mix of action and character development. It was blended so well together. The action parts were so exciting. The other parts were just as great what with how intriguing all the characters were. And I just don’t think that I can get over that cliffhanger ending. I can’t believe it. I just can’t. How could any person end it like that?

As for content, there is some violence, but it was pretty mild. There is a mentioning about rape, but it doesn’t go further than that. And there is some language, including some instances where the f word was about to be spoken but it was cut off.

In conclusion, I’d recommend this to older teens and up. It was unique and amazing and I definitely think that you should take the time to read this book. I can not wait for the next one!


“Why would I be jealous of a freak like you?”

The word hit its intended target like a bullet. That word I’d heard over and over again all of my life.


I felt the softness of Mel’s hand on my lower back, I head the beginnings of her telling me that we should go. But it faded to an inaudible blend of white noise and then nothing. The darkness inside Riley’s eyes absorbed my focus–it locked there.

Almost of its own accord my arm drew back and I felt my fist launch forward into his face. It landed on his jaw.

The impact should have been hard, yes. It should have sent his body into the car behind him. It should have left a few bruises. But instead, the force sent Riley over the hood of the car and hurtling into the windshield of the one parked behind it, blowing out the glass.


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-G. Paige

So…I want to know what you think of this book? Are you excited to read it? Or have your already read it? Tell me ALL THE THINGS. I’d love to hear from you!


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